Paint mixing

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by Alisha Today I had a painting appointment with some of the children. They were able to mix the paints however they wanted… on their paper, in the paint dish or in an extra cup I gave each of them for mixing. They were very much into the mixing part of the process, maybe even more so than the actual … Read More

Peaceful Thursday

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by Alisha Today was a very peaceful day! It was the most smooth and calm Thursday we have had so far this year. A lot less tears and much more laughter. Children are becoming more comfortable being at school away from parents, pushing themselves to explore new things, developing new relationships and having a lot of fun! Today some of … Read More

Busy Day

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by Alisha Today was very busy. Together we: Painted each others fingernails. MH really wanted to paint someones nails and WG was the first volunteer his hands. MH painted each nail very carefully until she was finished.

Story Tellers

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by Alisha This morning some of the children expressed interest in story telling.  As children become more comfortable with the routine we will start acting these stories out at the end of the  morning. For now, here a few stories to enjoy. Once upon a time Pippa Rose dropped one of her flowers into the dirt. And it  growed another … Read More

Skills for Living and Learning

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As the years go by, the culture of our school expands and deepens, as we figure out who we are together. We invent new learning traditions. When our culture becomes more rich and meaningful and well-defined, the brilliance of our community becomes brighter.

Who’s Missing?

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By Laura One wonderful aspect of being in community with others is that they notice when you are not there. Your presence is important and therefore your absence is felt. There are many ways we support the children in seeing, recognizing and acknowledging each other throughout the day. Our circle time each morning is an opportunity to greet each individual … Read More