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As your children transition from one form to another, we teachers will hold them in our hearts and minds. And hope that all of their teachers will honor them and love them, and SEE them for the beautiful, diverse, amazing people that they are.

Spring Decorations

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by Alisha This morning during explore time some of the children  had an appointment with Laura to walk to our favorite cafe, Petite Provence, for some hot chocolate. While they were gone, the rest of us worked on beautifying the windows and doors of the preschool. First  we explored the way the light came through the tissue paper by holding … Read More


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by Sarah Lu As part of the VBC project we are designing and making a flag for our structure.  We started out asking what flags were for.  LR responded that flags were for decoration, while AG stated that flags are representations of different states.  We talked about how we would like to represent our school.  CS suggested that we use … Read More

Balloon Pirate Ship

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by Alisha Hughes Today dramatic play transformed our commons. Our commons became outer space, lava, the ocean, houses, jail and construction sites. The preschoolers became ponies, fairies, sisters, babies, kittens and pirates. In the morning, Laura and I noticed that there were about three small groups all involved in separate dramatic play scenarios, each with it’s own set of characters, … Read More