Elephant Wall

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Elephants are symbols of the removing and places of obstacles in one’s way, depending on what one needs to learn. This seems like such an apropos symbol for preschoolers, and for the way we learn here. We also know about elephants, that they are extremely emotionally intelligent, and take care of their pack. This is another perfect symbol for the work that we do here. It feels fated for us to have an elephant wall.


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by Alisha This morning, I had the opportunity to be at Tulip Tree for spicy work for the first time, which was focused on partner teamwork. I was amazed at the children’s fluidity and ability to compromise with their partners. It was also very interesting to see children, who aren’t normally interested in dyad play with one another, being engaged … Read More


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Experiences nurture language, and leads to reading words. When we experience a book in our circle, the children have a chance to connect their own worlds with the world of the characters in the book.

The Wall

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Planning and process of a long-term group building experience with preschoolers. Designing a wall out of clay.