Bending like Bamboo

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by Alisha There is a Japanese proverb that says “bamboo that bends is stronger than oak that resists.” As parents and teachers, we are constantly adapting, rethinking and bending in order to help children  learn and grow. Starting this week, the afternoons are going to look a little different than they have since school started in the fall.We believe that … Read More


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  by Sarah Lu Today we headed out front to help beautify the school for Spring.  The kids planted primroses under the Camelia tree, and then as a small group helped me on the front bed, others collected worms in the large veggie bed up top.  The kids had such a blast with this work.  No worm shy children here!

Our Robot Lover Turns Four!

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By Laura FA was joined by his mom, Kelly, today to celebrate his fourth birthday. He chose to share a very special object with his friends. As he held his a glowing robot he explained, “It got sended to my house. It was all not apart when we got it. . . We had to put it together and then … Read More