One of Our Youngest Turns Three!

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by Sarah Lu As one of the youngest and newest members of our community, Clementine’s presence is growing here at Tulip Tree.  This morning we celebrated her third birthday, which will take place on December 22, during our break.  Clementine is a solid member of our community, and will often be seen playing with kids who have been here for … Read More

Go Caleb! Go Caleb! It’s Your Birthday! Go Caleb!

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by Sarah Lu Today we celebrated Caleb’s Fourth Birthday. Caleb came to our circle with his special pet Snakey Snake.  I kept asking him over and over again what his snake’s name was until he said in an exasperated tone, “It’s Snakey Snake!”  Okay.  Lesson learned.  Some children asked if Snakey Snake was real and Caleb replied that yes he … Read More