I Never Draw Things Which Are Messy

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by Sarah Lu In the classroom this last week, there have been some interesting conversations regarding art.  The ideas of abstract and representational art have come up.  The kids have also told us, during morning circle, that “only kids draw, not adults”.  I have noticed the proclivity in myself to strive alongside children for form and function in artwork.  I … Read More

Small Group Successes

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by Sarah Lu Laura mentioned a book that we have been referencing for the last year, Beyond Behavior Management by Jenna Bilmes.  This is by far the most helpful and practical book I have read thus far on behavior in the classroom.  These last couple of weeks we have been focusing on creating specific opportunities for children who are moving … Read More

A Morning with a Mama

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by Sarah Lu   This morning we were involved in so many different explorations, it would be hard to count them all on all fingers and toes.  The preschool was abuzz with trains, planes, race cars, storms, snack, friendships and conflict resolution, the rejoining of absent teachers with beloved children, exuberance, high spirits, and great generosity.  We painted on the … Read More

Her Soft

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By Laura I was sitting in the office, mulling over what to write about today, when I overheard the following conversation between Atticus and his mom. One of dozens of conversations that I overhear or participate in throughout the week that remind me of the wonder and intelligence of young children. Here Atticus reminds us all that there is more … Read More

They Played in the Sandbox

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By Laura Some days it is hard to remember what we did at Tulip Tree before we had our sandbox. While the stump circle is our official gathering spot in The Commons, the sandbox is our square, our market place, our piazza. It brings together our multi-age classroom; two year-olds and five year-olds sit side by side equally soothed and … Read More

The Woodworking Table

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by Sarah Lu At our morning circle today, Laura read Old MacDonald Had a Shop, a book about a sheep and her shop, and all the tools she uses to make things.  The kids passed around some tools and acted out how to use them when she was reading the book.  Some children had an appointment with Laura afterwards at … Read More

Building the Foundations of Relationship Through Play

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by Sarah Lu During the first hour of our morning together, our aim is to allow the children to greet each other, reform their relationships with peers and teachers, and play freely.  This morning’s adventures were all about building, and I wanted to point out the relationships I saw between the physical/mental aspect of building with blocks, and the social/emotional … Read More

Finn’s Stories

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5/22/13 There was a pirate ship and there is a robot captain. The robot captain drived it. And then there was a storm. The robot tried to make it not go fast, but he couldn’t, so he fell into the water. And all of the other pirates fell into the water. And then another ship came and saved them and … Read More

Atticus’s Stories

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4/23/13 There’s two horsies walking together and then a little Boobie-Baby just went in the Boobie shop. Then a baby monster, a daddy monster and a mama monster walking together eating all the cats. And then little Boobie-Baby went to his mom and dad and they said “Good night” to  him and he went to bed. And then the next … Read More

Caleb’s Stories

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2/11/13 One day there was Calamari that fell through the sky. Then there was a monster coming. Then there was another box of whole stuff. That’ the end. 1/29/13 It’s about towers. Towers are really tall and really big. The zebras gonna fall down, and this cow is gonna save him. Now this goat is gonna slide and the crocodile … Read More