Trusting Yourself

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by Cheryl   So, some of you may have noticed there is a lot of ‘boy power’ around here 🙂 Today, I decided to organize some good, old fashioned Tug of War with a giant rope we have in The Commons.  The results were interesting. Seamus, Boone, Tycho, and Caleb were all about it.  We decided to start with one … Read More

Some Moments Seem Extra Special

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by Cheryl   Today was a busy and productive day!  During circle, Laura read a new book about a beloved character “Amos”, a dog who travels by sofa.  During choice time, Sarah-Lu introduced our new workshop table inTthe Commons while I stayed inside with a small group making purple play-dough.  Laura and her walking group came back with the exciting … Read More


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By Laura Some days our indoor classroom can feel cramped and crowded with people and materials. It feels like every square inch is in use and still we could all use some more space. Today during morning play time I had the opposite experience. I looked up from my spot on the circle rug into the expansive studio/lunch room, the … Read More

Play Themes

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By Laura Watching the children play today I found myself marveling at the depth, variety and creativity of their play. I am also always intrigued by which themes catch like wildfire and which ones are quickly abandoned. Outside today many of the preschoolers flowed in and out of camping play. They gathered kindling, built up the fire, roasted marshmallows, used … Read More

Scarecrow Collaboration Continues…

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by Cheryl During our morning meeting, Sarah-Lu lead the group as children worked together to plan the design of a scarecrow for The Commons. The children learned a song about a scarecrow sung to the tune of ‘Twinke Twinkle Little Star’.  Then the group looked at photographs of different types of scarecrows.   Sarah-Lu read ideas for materials that children … Read More

Volcano and a Forest House.

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by Cheryl Today was a lovely summer trip to Mt. Tabor.  Once at the park the children spent the first fifteen minutes or so on the playground but soon the interest moved to a dirt hill next to the playground.  Tycho and Ujia began the work on the dirt “volcano”.  Soon most children joined in including a group that worked … Read More

Emi’s Birthday!

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by Cheryl Emi has been enjoying some time this summer with her family.  We were so happy to have her here today and to share a celebration of her fourth birthday. Emi’s whole family came for the celebration.  Mika told us how when Emi was born she “shot right out”! When Emi was one, Mika said she discovered Emi’s love … Read More

Big Paper Meets Big Hill

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By Laura Today we took the entire roll of butcher paper to the hill. A big thank you to Finn’s grandmother, Karen, who joined us for the adventure and helped carry the crumpled paper back to the school. It was a beautiful exploration of the material–its strength, fragility, and lightness. Children used their whole bodies to rip, crease, fold, twirl, … Read More

Park Day

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By Laura Cheryl painted “tattoos” at the park today. The children took care to protect their precious body paintings all day. We were instructed to refrain from putting sunscreen and hand sanitizer on there sharks, dragonflies, butterflies, elephants and dragons.

Building Bridges Part Deux

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by Sarah Lu Today one of the choices during explore time was to go to the Commons and continue with a bridge-building experience that we had last week at Mount Tabor. The three children who were drawn to this provocation were Seamus and Graham, who had been part of the Mount Tabor experience, and Boone, who was not here … Read More