We Celebrate Willa

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By Laura Today Willa’s mom and brother, Amy and Jonah, joined us to celebrate Willa’s third birthday. The children gathered around the birthday table to watch Willa build her candle ring. Amy told us about Willa’s brave climbing skills and her love for chocolate. After a round of “Happy Birthday” Willa blew out all three lit candles. And it was … Read More

Now, Lois is three.

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By Laura Today is Lois’ birthday. In the morning we had a celebration that will continue this afternoon when Mary Gage comes in to share photos and stories. Lois was presented with her crown and card. Her classmates had many wishes for her including: a new pink chair, an excavator, a phone, a purse, a banana and chocolate cake with … Read More

Thankful For This Community

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By Cheryl Today there was a real spirit of helping in the preschool.  In addition to the continued vegetable chopping, children helped with snack set- up, with center clean-up and with block hunting.  Including young children in all aspects of the day isn’t always the first thing we adults think of but once we remember how much they can do … Read More

Stone Soup

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By Cheryl We are so busy with many projects!  One of which is preparation for our Stone Soup gathering this Friday night.  Here is a glimpse of the things we worked on today to prepare for this event.   Thank you parents for supporting us in our work as we prepare to enjoy a meal with each other on Friday!

Leaf, Letter, Shelter, String

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By Laura Today was full of high energy, group work and giggles. During choice time we set up a letter writing station. Check your child’s workbox–you may discover a letter that needs to be delivered! Outside, children and teachers have been adding fabric and string to our tee pee shelter. The subsequent play involved yarn in different ways.    

The Speaking Feather

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By Cheryl Earlier this week, Laura introduced the “speaking feather”.  This is a tool in support the children as they gain greater understanding of what it means to listen while others are speaking.  This object helps those who need reassurance that he or she will have a turn to speak.  The feather is a visual cue that supports listening skills. … Read More

Caring Curriculum

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By Cheryl As teachers, we are working toward common language and clear expectations regarding how we care for ourselves, for others, and for our things.  Today during morning circle, Laura introduced the topic of “caring” with the book A Chair For My Mother by Vera B. Williams. There was a brief discussion following the book, using a ‘hand on heart … Read More