Writing and Letters

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By Laura During a quiet moment this morning, Willa had a mission. She went to the table with markers and paper and sat down with a determined look on her face. She confirmed that she was indeed writing a letter. She continued to write and write, putting each paper away in her work box when she was finished. Willa’s friends … Read More

What is My Part in the Community of a Reggio School?

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by Sarah Lu On September 23rd we held our first Parent night of the year.  There were about eighteen parents who attended.  Our goal was to continue to build the significant bridge between home and school, that we had begun to cultivate with home visits, the potluck, and the first weeks of school.  We desired input from parents about how … Read More

Learning Skills and Sharing Accomplishments

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by Cheryl Often during the afternoon hours when rest time is ending, some children have been working with a set of magnetic blocks.  They are multi-colored, three dimensional pyramid shapes that can ultimately form a perfect cube.  We often work together, teacher and interested children, to make the cube.  It is always fun as a group to feel that sense … Read More

Music, Maps and Other Fun Things That happened Today

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by Cheryl As the post title may indicate, it was busy and fun day.  I’m hoping this post represents the feeling of our day so far:) The mornings drop off hour often includes fun puppet play in the dramatic play area…one of my favorite places.  Puppets seem to possess the power to comfort children when they may be feeling a … Read More

Empathy and Friendship

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by Cheryl In the spirit of giving you a snapshot of a special moment of the day,  I am reflecting on the subject of children and their ability to be empathic.  While there seems to be some different opinions on the ability of young children to be empathic, I wonder if this is often semantics.  When I see an exchange … Read More

Mr. Fox

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By Laura All the chickens line up at the fence… They ask, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” And Mr. Fox says, “Eight o’clock.” They count out eight steps. And ask again, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” Mr. Fox says, “Dinnertime!” Run, chickens, run. Until they’ve worked up an appetite for. . . LUNCHTIME!

Music and Movement

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by Cheryl Each Monday and Thursday Megan leads a music and movement group.  We divide the class into two groups and while one group goes outside the other has music and movement group.  Then we switch groups!  Megan leads the children in a sequence of songs that are typically accompanied by body movement.  She begins the groups with a welcome … Read More

Clay Structures and Stories

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By Laura We introduced clay to a small group of children today. Squishing, rolling, mashing and forming led to rich conversation and idea swapping: Lois: I’m making ponds. Linny: I’m making a little tent. Lois: I’m making two tents. Sometimes I watch Charlie and Lola. That’s the top of the tent. One time we used to live here, at Tulip … Read More

Work Boxes

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By Laura Today all of the preschoolers had their first music and movement class with Megan–they learned new songs, hand motions and ways to safely move their bodies together. Unfortunately we were having too much fun singing to snap any photos this time. However, all that music together primed everyone for our “Jump Up!” song prior to lunch. We are … Read More