We wish you well, AD!

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By Amber

This morning we had a very special circle with AD and his mom, Kelly. This is AD’s last week at Tulip Tree before he moves to Guatemala for three months! We had a Goodbye Circle this morning to give the children a chance to say farewell to their friend and hear about where he will be going and what he will be doing when he’s gone.

Alisha took out our giant world map and we all looked at where we live on the map and then where AD is going to be. 

During our Goodbye Circle, the children gave AD cards they made for him and offered hugs or

high fives.We also practiced calling AD on the phone to make a play date when he gets back to Portland.

We end our goodbye circles by singing “We wish  you well”. It’s our way of letting someone know we are thinking of them and hoping the best for them. When we were getting ready to sing, AD exclaimed, “WHO IS SICK?”
Often we sing “We wish you well” to people who are ill and didn’t come to school. Alisha explained that you can wish someone well if they are ill, but also if they are going away! AD said “Well, I do have a little cold!” So we sang well wishes for AD’s cold and also for his new journey with his family!

It’s always sad to see one of our friends go but we know that having the opportunity for the children to say goodbye and talk about how we will miss them helps the process. There are so many ways to stay friends even when people move far away!

We are looking forward to seeing pictures, writing letters, and hearing all about AD’s adventures in Guatemala.



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