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By Amber

Lately we have been talking to the children about our different senses. We talked about all the different parts of our faces during circle. The anatomy of our faces was woven into doing clay self portraits as well as talking about the different senses.

How do we recognize our friends and family? The children knew they could recognize anyone by sight, what about hearing? We found out that even when they were blindfolded they could easily tell which teacher was talking and where they were sitting in the room!

What if you didn’t use your sight or hearing? What about touch?

SM felt STR’s long soft hair and immediately knew who it was!

The children were very eager to put on the blindfold and use their sense of touch to recognize their friends. We decided to narrow it down a bit by telling the blindfolded child which two friends were in front of them. Then using their touch, they would guess which person was which!








SH used her sense of touch to feel LD’s shirt. She knew it was him because of the feeling of his shirt that day!

The hair was a big giveaway to the children. EP knew that SH had straight hair and VH had curls

CL reached out and felt VH’s shirt first and then hair. “It’s VH!” She cried out. She knew VH was wearing sparkles and could feel the rough glitter sparkles and VH’s long curly hair.


I decided to give it a try and follow the lead of the other children by feeling their hair. I knew that Hannah was wearing pig tails that day and SM had a pony tail.


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  1. I love all the creative ways that you’ve been teaching the kids to use their senses or be aware of what it’s like when one sense is compromised. So neat!

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