Talent Week

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By Amber

This week is Talent Week! We will be having some parent visitors sharing their own special talents! Katee opened up circle this morning by asking the children what they thought “talent” meant.

LG: Um, if you find something that you think a kid would like and you show it to them and they get really excited to play with it.

We went around and shared all the special things we know how to do!

BS: I can Stand on one hand and one foot!

VH: I can do a somersault on a trampoline!

Katee: I know some talents ST has! ST knows TONS of names of dinosaurs and also can speak Japanese. It’s really special to know how to speak two languages!

SH: I can jump and stand on one hand for about one second

EP: I can speak in not just this language that I normally speak but I can speak in other languages! Like Bon Apetite!

Katee: A special talent is anything that you’re good at!

LW: One time when I was at my house… I actually know how to do a special front flip and a headstand!

Alisha: Wow, a headstand! A special talent can also be something else too! I know that one of LW’s special talents is how to make people feel really good if they’re feeling sad! It doesn’t always have to be a type of trick but can be anything you’re good at

Katee: I know that NL can always make his baby brother smile


Katee: Raise your silent candle if you know of a special talent that someone in your family can do!

SH: My dad has a very special talent that he can cook, like, really well. He can cook really really good.

VH: My dad makes really good crepes!

LD: My mom and dad can both do somersaults on the trampoline

HE: So, my parents make good tacos

SH: My mom is really good with felt!

STR: Um, I can chew for a long time

Alisha: You can chew for a long time?

STR: Yes!

Katee: What do you like chewing for a long time?

STR: Food!




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