Parent Meeting- Consent Work with Children

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by Alisha

Last week we had a parent meeting. The purpose of our parent meetings is to give parents an idea of how we develop curriculum throughout the school year. It is also a time for parents to work with teachers in discovering new directions to take our curriculum. Both teaching teams (Amber & Nora, Katee & I) brought project work to share, discuss, dissect and deepen with the parents.  One of the pieces of emergent curriculum that we discussed was our work around consent. For people who weren’t able to be there, I want to share the consent work that what we discussed.

In the first few weeks of school, as we went over notes, photos, recorded conversations and remembered experiences, we realized that much of what we had been working on was learning about and practicing consent. We noticed that many children had a hard time finding words for asking questions like, “Can I give you a hug?” or “Do you want to play a chase game with me?” and instead do the action without knowing if the other person wanted to. A huge part of our work around consent has been giving children language to ask for consent. Here are some of the things we have done so far this year-


Below is a song that we found last year on youtube by a woman named Ms. Cacie. Katee learned it on her ukulele and it has quickly become one of our most favorite songs to sing in the classroom! It’s called, “Only Yes Means Yes.”


After we discussed a couple of these projects in more detail, we shared with parents a tool that we often use to further our project work at school. It’s called a documentation and extraction form. Throughout our days at school, teachers are constantly observing and making notes about what we see. We also record conversations at circle time or explore time with our phone voice recorders and transcribe them during our planning time. We put these note and conversation observations into the form. Here is an example (click to enlarge)-

After we went over an example from earlier in the year, we gave parents an extraction form that was partially filled out. Katee and I filled out the “Children’s Words” section, along with a few ideas we had for “Extracted Meanings” and “Possible Relaunches.” All of us worked together to fill out the rest. It was really great to get the perspective of parents. We found possible relaunches that Katee and I would have never found on our own . If you think of anything after reading this, feel free to comment or email some other extracted meanings or possible relaunches! Katee and I have used this form to create plans for the week and beyond.


Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our parent meeting! We really appreciate all of your input in developing our curriculum.

I would love to continue sharing our extraction forms with you all throughout the year whether it is through the blog or documentation so keep an eye out!

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  1. This isn’t so wonderful! Thank you teachers! We were sorry to miss this meeting and I’m so glad to catch this info.

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