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By Amber

This morning we had even MORE special visitors! Oregon Wild came to give share a special presentation about wolves!

Our presenter, Maryanne, started by talking about the differences between fairy tale wolves(think big bad wolf) and real life wolves. In real life, wolves are actually very shy and scared of people.



They showed us a plaster cast of a wolf print to compare the size of a wolf paw to our hands. 


We got to touch REAL wolf fur! Maryanne told us the undercoat of a wolf is how they stay warm in the winter and how they keep their wolf cubs warm in the den. 


Newborn wolf pups are only the size of a potato! We all got to pass around a stuffed wolf the same size as a newborn wolf cub. The children were amazed that a baby wolf could fit in the palm of their hands. 


We watched a video of a father wolf bringing the mother wolf some food since she cannot go hunt when she has cubs. 


We talked about all the different food that wolves eat in the wild and learned about where they live in our own state! 


Oregon has it’s own very famous wolf named Journey. Maryanne showed us the very long three year journey he took all alone to find a mate. Now Journey has a mate and many grand-pups south of Crater Lake. 


Maryanne had a lifesize cutout of a wolf and we compared our heights. HE and EB are the same height as a wolf and several children were taller. 


We learned a song about playful frolicking wolf cubs and got to pretend to be cubs exploring the world outside of the den. 


Maryanne gave us all our own wolf ears to take home! We put them on and practiced our  best wolf howls.



HE howls to call for help from her pack! 


EB and AB start digging a den for their cubs. 


They notice a member of their pack, NL, didn’t have a den so they worked together to dig one for him. 


The wolf cubs head back into the den for a wolf lunch! 




Thank you Oregon Wild for the amazing presentation!


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