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By Amber

Over the last couple weeks TT has had even more amazing parents visit and share their skills with us!

Abby, VH’s mom, brought some of her students and screen printing supplies. She made a couple of designs based on the T-shirt ideas that didn’t make it to the Wieden-Kennedy design week.

The children chose between “Ask to hold hands” and “No thank you”.

Thank you Abby!




Last Thursday, DB’s parents( Dan and Genevieve) brought us their awesome juicer and lots and lots of delicious fresh fruit!

Dan showed us how to put the machine together using special tools while Genevieve cut up a lot of fruit.

We juiced apples, pineapple, and strawberries! Each child had a chance to put in some handfuls of fruit.

We took our fresh made juice to enjoy outside in the sunshine!

Yum! Thank you Dan and Genevieve!

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