Lunchtime Rituals

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By Nora

You may have heard about some of what happens at lunchtime, but in case you were wondering about all of the sounds, songs, and sights associated with lunch at Tulip Tree, here is a run through…

Lunch helpers

Each day, I have two children selected to be “lunch helpers”. Their job is to set the forks and plates in front of each chair. Today FC and LW were very excited to be lunch helpers. When asked why they love being lunch helpers FC said “because it is funny!” and LW said, “because it’s fun!” Below are some photos of how they do their job as lunch helpers. While this is happening, the other children are gathering in a circle to read a book or sing a song before lunch.

Golden Corn

After the tables are all set and the food is out, we sing Golden Corn all together to give thanks for the food we have. Sometimes we sing it in different silly voices, but today we sang in our most beautiful, clear voices so we could share this recording with you all:

Here are some photos of us singing:

Jump Up

In order to prevent a rush of people to the bathroom to wash hands at the same time, we sing a song called “jump up” which invites 2-3 children at a time to jump into the middle of the circle and pretend to be something. Some common things that people are include pizza, a t-rex, a frog, and a carnivorous snake. Here we are jumping up!

After washing hands, kids slowly trickle in to find their seats marked by name tags:

Lunch is served family style, so I will let them know how many scoops of each item to take and then they serve themselves. It is always important to take a little bit of everything on your plate even if you think you won’t like it! Today we had 3 carrots, 3 scoops of mac and cheese, and 2 scoops of roasted broccoli.

As it goes with kids serving themselves, there are often spills. We are lucky if we only have one milk spill!

Here are some pictures throughout today’s lunch of kids serving themselves:

When I asked if anyone had anything to say about today’s lunch for the blog everyone blurted out variations of “I love the mac and cheese!”, “I love the broccoli!”, and “I love the carrots!” There is always a lot of energy and excitement around lunch time.

Fruit Song

After people are done eating lunch and the serving dishes are cleared, fruit is served.

The children sing a “fruit song” each day to summon the fruit. This recording is complete with a blooper because everyone accidentally started singing golden corn at first!

Lastly, we have clean-up time. The kids are called one at a time to bring their dishes to the bus bin. They scrape their food into the compost, their milk into the milk bowl, and their plates and bowls into the bin. After that, it’s onto the rest of the day!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this part of the daily rhythm! It’s wonderful to what mealtime looks like 🙂

  2. oh this is so great! It’s so funny how little I really know about the rituals of your days there. Thank you for creating these lovely meal times!

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