“I’ll draw an empty space where my tooth was!”

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by Alisha

This morning six of the children made their last line drawing self portraits of the year. The children were excited to discuss how they have grown and changed since the fall when we did our first drawing self portraits. VH told me, “Last self portrait I had all my teeth, but now I’m missing one! I’ll draw an empty space where my tooth was!” Watching these children create their self portraits allowed me to see so many ways that each child has grown this year. The level of fine motor skills, focus,  attention to detail and awareness of their own identity completely blew me away!  Here are the children’s self portraits from the beginning of the school year-

clockwise from top left: VH, BS, AB, EB, NL, ST

And here are those same children’s self portraits today, about 8 months later-

I look forward seeing all the ways in which the other children have grown through their self portrait!



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