Heidi Time

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We welcomed Heidi again today for our weekly Wednesday special music circle, and the children were so excited to have her back.  We got right into songs she had been teaching us before the break and taught us a new one as well.  The children played instruments, sang, danced, learned some Spanish, and played games with Heidi- all in a half hour!

One of our familiar songs we sang today is about the snow falling to the ground.  This time, Heidi asked the children to lay on the rug and look up to the sky.  As we sang, she fluttered a huge red sheer fabric above everyone to represent the snowy skies and when the song said the snow falls to the ground- so did the fabric.  The children were so excited to squish together and be enveloped over and over by the snow.

Here is a little song that Heidi introduced us to today that is a nice little transitional ditty to get children ready:

“Dip, dip, dip, my blue ship- sails along the water like a cup and saucer.  Dip, dip, steady, I am ready.”  There are hand motions to go along with it as well- ask your child if they can recall any of them!



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