Happy Love Day!!!!

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by Alisha

Today was a super special Valentine’s Day filled with love. Each day the kids have been eager to see what our secret admirer has gifted us. Today our secret admirer left us a note that said, “Clue #1”. We realized that our secret admirer was sending us on a treasure hunt! Everyone was SOOOO excited!!

In the end, the last clue was to a treasure box, which had a beautiful gold medal in it!!But then…. we remembered the surveillance footage that we had. Yesterday LD suggested we put a camera up to catch the secret admirer in the act while no one was at school. We did and we caught them!

We watched the footage and found out that our secret admirer was LOVE DRAGON!!!!

Them we all went on a walk around the neighborhood to leave love notes to the community from a secret admirer (us!)


Let us know if you see our love notes around the neighborhood!

Happy Love Day!!

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