Flashlights and tunnels

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by Mage

In continuation of our light studies, the children are now using flashlights in the basement. I brought out the tunnel as well, as I wondered if there would be interesting interactions between children using the flashlights.

Here are some photos of what that activity looked like.



I saw the children:

  • swinging flashlights around by the string handle
  • putting flashlights in their mouths
  • shining the light into their faces
  • shining the light on the ceiling, walls, and floor
  • shinning flashlights at each other
  • shinning flashlights through the tunnel
  • turning flashlights on and off.

I wonder what theories the children are building about light and motion, in relation to using flashlights. Based on my observations, I think they might be wondering:

  • Where is the light coming from?
  • Can I direct the light?
  • How far can light travel?
  • What does light look like?
  • Can I control the brightness of the light?
  • …and more

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