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By Amber

On Friday the Tulip Tree teachers had the opportunity to sit in and observe preschool classrooms at another local preschool called Wild Lilac. Seeing other classrooms, materials, environments, children and educators can be incredibly inspiring. It can lead the teachers to wonder about their own classrooms and changes they can implement. We sat in the classes for the morning just to take notes and observe. We noted the similarities and differences between TT and Wild Lilac and wrote down our observations, questions, and wonderings from the morning.

After our morning observations all the Elm house and TT teachers met up to brainstorm new ideas we could implement to our spaces. One thing that Alisha and I both really admired were the large blocks of time the children had to engage in free play in the morning.

At our school the morning is broken up into smaller segments by snack time, circle time, and choice time. We talked about all the ways we could rearrange our morning routine to support more free form playtime.


So, with the schedule changes in mind, Alisha formed a plan to encourage the children super engaged in block play to continue with their work. So instead of having a normal choice time. She put the children using blocks in an appointment to stay inside and continue building.

It was amazing to see what they could accomplish when given extended time to explore.


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  1. I love this! What a great change. I’d also recommend the book “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” it changed my life and hopefully the life of many of my students over the years~

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