Elm House Food Drive

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by Megan

This season we have been thinking about how we as a community can help others. Over the past couple of weeks we have collected food donations to give to The Oregon Food Bank. Food Bank We’ve left the donation box in the cubby room as sort of an invitation for inquiry. The children were very curious about why the food was there, who it was for what we planned to do with it and why they couldn’t eat it. We’ve made a point to have natural and somewhat casual conversations with the children about how some people in our community might not have enough food and how gathering food for them is helpful.

In one week we collected 101 pounds of food, or enough to feed 78 people! Thanks to everyone who donated food and sent along some photos of their kiddos at the store. I am always trying to think of ways to bridge home and school life and food is such a familiar topic to do this with. We will be exploring this theme a bit more with community projects both here at Elm House and at the preschool. I had some great feedback from a couple of parents of our older kiddos who were very inquisitive about collecting food for the drive.

 “it raised a lot of questions about why people are hungry, can’t buy food, about work and money, and why we buy food for people we don’t know. It was really interesting.”


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