Cornstarch and water activity

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by Mage

Some of you might not know this, but on Friday afternoons I work late, and during that time I get to spend a few hours with some of the older children. This is a time that I really look forward to, and I try to offer interesting activities during this time so that I can get really engaged with these children, and connect with them more. After all, I don’t usually spend much time with the children outside of the Nest except for these Friday afternoons.

Last Friday I got out cornstarch and water for the group to play with. I had tried this with the younger children earlier in the week. The younger children seemed to not notice the cornstarch, and focused on water play instead. So I’m rethinking how I offer that activity to them in the future. When I offered cornstarch and water to the older children, they were very much engaged in this activity. I noticed the children exploring the cornstarch with all of their senses, especially touch and taste! Here are a few snap shots from that activity.

The study of cornstarch is part of a larger science education framework that I’m interested in, which is the topic of transformation. You could also call this chemistry, or summarize it with the question, “How can I make it change?” One of the goals that I have is to document the learning from the first activity, try to understand what theories the children are building about transformation, and then come back with another activity which is designed to facilitate more theory building based on the children’s knowledge and questions. Stay tuned for more transformation fun in the future!

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