Cooking (and Crafting!) For Others, Part II

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By Nora

This week we have been talking a lot about LOVE. Between notes from the *secret* admirer, being detectives to find the secret admirer, hanging love letters around the neighborhood, sharing what we think love is, and sending Valentine’s to our families, we have done a lot on the topic. On the eve of Valentine’s Day I came to circle to ask the children if they thought they might have a liiiitle bit more love to spread. They all said YES! I explained to them an idea I had and wanted to know what they thought. I told them I had been thinking about how they sent Valentine’s card to their house, which is awesome and exciting! But does everyone have a house with mailbox? Some children said yes, some said no. I reminded them about we looked at pictures of different ways to live, and one of those pictures showed people living in tents. “Do tents have mailboxes to get Valentine’s cards in?” “No!” They all told me. I told them that if they were feeling like they had some more love to go around, that maybe they could help make a big heart-shaped Valentine and banana bread to remind people who don’t have houses they are loved and important. They all jumped on board.

After the circle, some of them helped me bake yummy banana bread to donate. I promised them that later in the week (Thursday!) we could make banana bread for ourselves to show ourselves some love. It just as important to give love away as it is to keep it for ourselves when we need it. The next day, Valentine’s Day, I hosted a collage appointment with some of the children that had been there for our circle on Tuesday. They practiced making a group collage once with Katee. Some kids cut paper into small pieces and some glued onto the cardboard, then we switched roles halfway through. The final product looked really colorful and exciting!

With the help of VH’s dad, we will be donating our banana bread and Valentine to Right 2 Dream Too, a non-profit which provides a safe space for Portland’s unhoused community to rest or sleep undisturbed. R2DT is an organization that works closely and partners with Sisters of the Road which we donated to last month. It was quite special to be able to elaborate on our Valentine’s Day festivities through thinking of how we can send some love to people in our community.


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