Book making and playing music!

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By Amber

Parent talent week wrapped up last week and we got to see a lot of very cool skills!


On Thursday CL’s parents, Sam and Michaela came in to show us how to make books.

Sam shows us the special tool he uses to fold his paper books

He then showed us the special sewing tool, called an Awl, that he uses to stitch the books together!

The children all got to look at the books Sam and Michaela made

Michaela showed us all how to make our very own special books using only one sheet of paper!

We passed paper around and all made books of our own to take home!

The children were very eager to decorate and draw in their books

We spent the afternoon folding new books and making them for our loved ones


On Friday LG’s dad, Brian and ST’s dad, Shohei brought their music instruments to play a little live show for the children!

Shohei set up his drum kit and Brian brought his amp and guitar

After getting all tuned up, Brian showed us a special guitar pedal that changes the way the guitar sounds while he’s playing it

We had a preschool concert and dance party!

HE shows us her moves

Brian let the children use the microphone with a cool echo effect

The children played a Kalimba hooked up to the amp

Shohei let the children play the cymbals on his drum kit


Thank you everyone who came to show us your special talents!


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