Blankets and light projector

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by Mage

One of the benefits of having older children visit the Nest in the mornings is that they really scaffold a lot of learning for the younger children. One example that comes to mind is that whenever BS is with the younger group, at nap time he lays down quietly and puts himself to sleep. The younger children, who are often quite rowdy at the beginning of nap time, will actually follow his lead and lay down, going to sleep without much fuss or commotion.

Today during explore time, I saw another example of scaffolding at the light projector. CG said that she wanted to see what would happen if she put our thick yellow blanket on top of the projector.  Following this example, BL put a translucent pink scarf on top of the projector.

CG then put the yellow blanket on top of the pink scarf. CG asked me for another blanket, and I said, “I wonder if we can find another blanket for CG.” Taking this cue, FD got up, walked across the basement, found a red blanket, and gave it to CG.


CG and FD took turns putting blankets on the projector and removing them. This type of collaboration is something that, so far, I’ve only seen the younger children do with the older children (and not one-another). I wonder if this is because there is less of a communication barrier between them, or because the younger children look up to the older children.

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