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A child stands on a balance beam while another prepares to stand on it

By Mage

Over the past few weeks, some of the children have shown a growing interest in balance. This has been especially seen in the backyard, where the children are making use of the balance beams.

A child stands on a balance beam while another prepares to stand on itTogether with teachers, they move and position the beams around the yard, setting them onto other structures such as the stumps or the wooden “staircase,” to elevate and change the angles of the beams.

The children have also been balancing by walking around the edges of the sandbox, and I have observed them working out the properties of balance in other ways, as well. For example, seeing how tall they can build a tower before it falls over.

I wonder about all the ways we could experiment with the concept of balance. We could think about the external word of physics with the balance beams and towers, and we could think about our internal, personal physical worlds as well as emotional worlds. We could learn about nutritional balance, rest and play; sadness and happiness, anger and forgiveness. I wonder what connections the children will make with the concept of balance.

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