A Fizzy Reaction

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by Mage

Continuing to explore the theme of transformation, this week I introduced the baking soda and vinegar reaction to the children in the Nest.

I was uncertain about how the children would approach this activity, given that it requires a lot of controlled measuring and mixing. I assumed that the children would see the cups of liquid and completely dump them out on the table. While there was some dumping, it was clearly intentional for the most part. The children also used droppers carefully and intentionally, to transfer drops of liquid into the cups of baking soda, and to transfer baking soda into the cups of vinegar. Of course, the droppers were used like dipsticks, because the children do not yet have the fine motor skills to squeeze the rubber on top. Using the droppers as dipsticks seemed perfectly satisfactory to the children, though.

It’s delightful to see the children create chemical reactions. I am curious to go deeper with the children, to test their theories about baking soda and vinegar. For example, I heard HB describe the vinegar as “water.” I wonder how the addition of cups of water into this activity would challenge their theories, and what conclusions they would derive about the differences between vinegar and water. How quickly would they distinguish that the two clear liquids are different?

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