Have you heard about the Blue Monster?

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By Laurie There’s a little rumor going around that there is a Blue Monster living in the Tiny Elm House in our outside play space. Legend (among the children) tells that this monster, though very very small, is quite scary… but has a sweet tooth! Our monster LOVES cupcakes! And Birthday cake! And cookies! (with sprinkles of course!)

Excited About Art

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By Megan After a couple of months of our studio space being transformed into a play kitchen which was so much fun, by the way, it has once again been transformed into an area dedicated to art of many kinds. The shelves are filled with materials, tools and loose parts that all promote creation, exploration and fun. Coming back from … Read More

Red or Green?

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by Mage Today in the Seed room we spent some time together painting. Some things were typical of our painting sessions: the children had paint, tools (today they had cardboard tubes), paper, and were painting together as a group. However, today I thought I would try a different approach and invite the children to make a color choice with their … Read More