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The Post Office

By Laura

We have noticed several children playing games about delivering mail, mail trucks and mail planes. So next week we have scheduled a walking field trip to our local post office. Today at circle we did some thinking about mail and post offices. We made a list of some of the things we already know about the post office. And developed some questions to ask when we visit it.

We Already Know:

It’s for mail sending

For giving mail to people you love

Packages, too!

Trucks bring mail to your house sometimes

Trucks also pick up mail, bring to the post office and deliver them to different places

Big blue box is called a mailbox and put your mail in it

A stamp is something you put on the mail, if it falls off they throw it away (some disagreement about this one, so it became a question)

At the post office we wait in line, then they put a stamp on it, and then they mail

Our Questions:

How do they put the mail in the trucks?

What happens if a stamp falls off a piece of mail?

Where do they put the mail in the truck?

Can you make your own stamp?

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221 Kisses

By Laura


Today the Love Dragon visited circle again to ask questions about love. When the dragon began to speak KC interrupted, “Are you a girl or . . .” Then he stopped himself and rephrased the question, “I don’t know what your gender . . . is?” Alisha said, “You could ask, what are your preferred gender pronouns?” KC did and the Love Dragon thanked him for asking and said, “She and her.”

Then the Love Dragon asked the group, “What is Love?”

KM: Kisses and hugs.

AYS: I love to play with marshmallow balls and trombones.

VG: When you love people. I love my mom and my dad and my dog.

KC: Uh . . . love is something to me where I kiss my mom.

SS: Love is something that, um . . . When you like someone or you love someone or they are your best friend, that is love. It’s like, um, well, if you love someone you want to be with them forever, and your really want to be with them.

MH: Love is something if you give it away . . .

[The whole group starts singing ‘Magic Penny’]

Love Dragon: That’s one of my favorite songs!

KM: You’re cute!

Love Dragon: What makes you feel loved?

KM: Hugs and kisses.

DH: It’s something that brings people together.

SD: I love to play bad guys.

Love Dragon: When do you feel loved?

SD: Somebody plays with me.

MH: You feel loved . . . Like, when someone smiles at me then feel loved.

KM: I feel loved when my Mommy and Daddy give me 221 kisses.

WG: I love people playing with me and the next thing I like is eating candy.

Love Dragon: What does love look like?

SD: Love looks like you get four hugs and four kisses.

RR: It’s shaped like hearts and it’s read.

KC: I was thinking the same thing!

RR: Maybe we read each other’s minds!

OR: Love is tiny hearts that are red that you can’t see.

KP: Love looks like a heart and it’s so red that it looks like lava.

KM: A heart parade with hearts up in the air.

After this conversation a small group worked on drawing representations of love.

"A heart with a smile." -CW

“A heart with a smile.” -CW

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A House Bridge with an Ocean View

By Laura


RR: I’m gong to do a top over this so it’s more steady.

MH: I’m helping you. . . . This side has a lot of safety gates and this side got damaged so just show this side. [Hands clay arch to RR]

RR: This is like a house bridge, have you ever heard of a house bridge? It’s like a bridge, where sometimes, that, like, people who don’t have homes live under.

MH: Maybe we can use this clay to make some people. . . . Yep, I’ll make some people. . . . Look at this little human I made! I put little human inside. This is a safety house, I’m trying to make little people exactly how people look.

RR: I’m making little lights here.

Laura: That reminds me of the bridge DH drew between the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead.

RR: Yeah, I got inspired by that.

[MH puts people in the bridge.]

RR: So, those are the people. Do you want me to put some eyes? MH, can I put little eyes on them?

MH: I’ll steady it for you.

RR: I’m making the river that’s really big.

MH: I’m gonna try to make a ship, want me to make a ship?

RR: I’m making the ocean.

MH: I’m making a ship to go through that river.

RR: This is a  humongous ocean, actually. . . . This is gonna be a big ocean so you probably need a big boat.

MH: Okay, I’m going to do my bestest to steady it. To make boats.

RR: Look at the ocean, how big it is. This is a big ocean, huh? Look at this ocean. This is a house that’s right on the waterside, they can see the ocean.

Laura: Oh, on the seaside?

RR: Seaside. They live in LA.


“It seems like everyone knows someone who died.”

By Laura

DH adds the light in the lanterns of her bridge between the living and the dead.

DH adds the light in the lanterns on her bridge between the living and the dead.

Our continued work on the altar and the land of the living/ land of the dead project lead to several conversations about the subject of death. It is clear that we are giving space for children to talk openly with others as they think about this big concept:

RR: When you die. Which is a loooonnng time from now.

DH: Yeah, ’cause I’m going to live a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time.

RR: Yeah, you’re only four years old right now.


RR: I drew my mom’s dad. And my dad’s dad’s dad. My mom used to have a cat. . . . My people are visiting the land of the living.

OR: Are they dead?

RR: Yes. Do you know anyone who is dead?

OR: My great grandma.

RR: My mom was super sad when her dad died. But guess what? Her mom’s still alive.


CR: It seems like everyone knows someone who died. Why?

Laura: Every living thing has a turn to die, so many of us know a person or animal who has died.

CR: That’s bad.

Laura: You wish every person and animal could live forever?

CR: Uh-huh.





Building a Place We Know

By Laura

Today I worked with a small group in the building area. All of the children in the group had gone on walks to the construction site earlier in the week. I proposed that we work together to build a map showing how to get from the preschool to the construction site. Here is some of what happened: