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The Worms Return

By Megan


“It may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world, as have these lowly organized creatures.”  -Charles Darwin on worms, 1881

The children’s fascination with worms persists through the changing of the seasons and over time. One of the first memories I have of Elm House, almost one year ago, was the over turning of the stumps and the exploration of the creatures who lived there. The children have new questions about the worms, “why don’t they like sun?” “Why are they in a hole?” “Why they in the garden?” Their questions have become more complicated and personally I delight in helping them investigate and understand more.

Luca’s mom, Laurel is our resident worm expert though. A few weeks back we invited her to give her worm presentation to the toddlers and once again we have our very own worm bin to feed and observe over the summer! Thanks again Laurel!

Here are some photos of our reintroduction to worm bin worms.



Norman’s Bath


By Megan

As many of you know we care for Norman, the hedgehog, here at Elm House. Though nocturnal, Norman will come out to say hello and spend some time with the children on a regular basis. The children are always delighted to see him and practice a special type of patience and respect when he visits us in the backyard. Last week on a beautiful afternoon we decided to give Norman a bath. The children squealed with delight as he paddled around, floated on his back and peered over the edge of his bath tub. The toddlers observed that he could swim, that he likes the water and that he takes baths just like they do at home! I hope you enjoy these photos.

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