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Where Will We Be?

by Katee

Alisha held a circle yesterday to talk to the children about the future.  So many different feelings come from looking toward the future.   The future can often feel scary and unsure because it is hard to imagine.  Change can often feel scary because it seems like your world is unstable in a way, and that you’ll have to brace yourself for enduring the impending shift.

So Alisha printed photos of all the children and taped them to blocks for support.  “Here we all are, on a Tuesday, at Tulip Tree Preschool.”, Alisha said.

Everyone’s family has different schedules in the summer time. Some friends will go to camp here or elsewhere, some friends might stay at home or with family or friends, some families might go on vacation.  Then , in the fall, school will start again and this will look different for different people.  Some friends will be back at Tulip Tree, some friends will move on to kindergarten or another schedule. 



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Tiny Realms

by Katee

When exploring the Remida center during our Tuesday field trip last week, many of the children had two favorite things they got to d0- ride the bus, and play with the ‘tiny realms’.  They had set out small divided scenes filled with tiny things for the children to play in.  There was a box filled with soil, sticks and moss, a tray filled with sand and cups and a slide, little homes with appliances and creatures, and many reused materials.  The children had several rooms to explore in this area but all were entranced at the tiny realms.

I had a chance to talk with the Remida director about the tiny realms and we were so excited to see the children so happily intrigued.  “In this world, they are giants.”, she told me.  We discussed that children can feel in control of a world with this play and have the opportunity to play the role of a larger entity and a powerful being.  We also discussed how children of this age are often so attracted to small things.  Maria Montessori called this age a ‘sensitive period’ for many things, including small objects.  They seem to have a natural compulsion to master this area and it is so exciting to observe.

After this inspirational field trip, we brought tiny realms to Tulip Tree.  We have done work with this throughout the year, but this time intentionally built different terrains and scenes side by side.  The children have been happily exploring there all week.


Sunny Days in a Shady Place

These past couple of weeks we have been enjoying the summer-like weather in the shade of our Tulip, Oak, Chestnut and Apple trees. Thank you trees for giving us a cool place to explore and play! We love you!


Field Trip #2!

Yesterday we went on our second field trip of the year! We traveled all the way downtown to Helen Gordon Child Development Center at Portland State. We visited the Remida Center, home to thousands of loose parts and tiny pieces. We also visited the food forest, home to lots of edible plants (and even some waffles and pancakes made out of clay!). While in the Remida Center, the children explored three spaces: the light room, the tiny realms, and the workshop. This part of the field trip was meant to be an extension of the work we’ve been doing to develop a culture of reuse at our school. The Remida Center is similar to our Reuse Center, but on a larger scale. In the light room, the children got to see how different materials appear over a glass table strung with Christmas lights underneath. Light and shadows were a big theme at the beginning of this school year and it was fun to see how light and shadows can be explored through the lens of reuse. In the tiny realms, the children were able to interact with little ecosystems such as a beach and a forest all made of of reuse materials. In the workshop, children were able to work with materials on the table to build with. Many of them made machines such as vacuum cleaners and an “old-time fashioned motorcycle.”

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Is it summer yet?

by Katee

Played outside all morning today! The children played games, splashed in the water table, built in the sandbox, hung out in the hammock, rode bikes, visited with the rabbits, and drew many many tattoos on each other.  After reading the book, “Mama Is It Summer Yet?”, the children were pretty convinced that that’s where were at today.