Stories to Tell by Flashlight

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by Katee This afternoon we had a power outage.  Luckily the pizza had already come out of the oven, and luckily we had flashlights and ceiling hooks, and luckily the kids really wanted to have a flashlight dance party anyways! We also took this opportunity to tell some spooky stories.  I had already introduced some of the children to a … Read More

Bake Sale

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By Nora The past two weeks we have been spending some time getting ready for our bake sale next week. Bake sales, which seem like simple concepts to adults, take a lot of unpacking for children to grasp! Through our preparation for the bake sale next week we have learned a lot of new words: hurricane, customer, Puerto Rico, island…and new concepts: … Read More

Behind the Camera

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by Katee We take a lot of pictures at school.  Children are so used to being the subject of photographs and usually only rarely get an opportunity to be the photographer themselves.  As much as we’d love to let the children take photos all the time, cameras are a delicate tool and we have gone through a few cameras over … Read More

Two Eyes, a Nose and a Mouth

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by Alisha We have been working on our drawing self portraits. This is a project we do twice each year. Once at the beginning of the year, and once at the end, along with many other portrait projects in between. We talk about the shape of our facial features and look closely to notice small details we may have not … Read More

Music time!

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by Alisha Singing is such a huge part of our days in the classroom. We have our greeting songs, our blessing song, our song to be excused to wash hands, our song for when the fruit comes and countless other songs that help our day flow. Maybe most helpful to us are the little songs we sing during transition times. … Read More

Meeting of the Elders

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by Katee Yesterday I called a meeting of some of our eldest children of the school.  Many of our eldest children are younger siblings, or only children of a family and this role has seemed especially strange to some. It can be hard to keep patience with incoming friends that don’t know the ins and outs of our classroom and … Read More

Story Notebook

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Many days of the week, one of our choices during Explore Time is “Stories.” If children pick that choice, they can tell a story while a teacher writes it all down in our special story notebook. The stories can be true, from the imagination or a combination of both! Then, at Lunch Circle, we act out each story in a … Read More

Trusting the process

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By Nora At a recent staff meeting we read and discussed an essay by Loris Malaguzzi called “Your Image of the Child: Where Teaching Begins”. I have read this essay several times and every time have a new nugget to dissect by the end. The essay discusses the many ways that as teacher-researchers we can facilitate environments where children are … Read More

Welcome Heidi!

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This morning we had our first music circle with Heidi. She brought her guitar, egg shakers and jingle bells. We had so much fun. Each Wednesday, we will record one of the songs Heidi teaches us and post it on our blog for you all to learn with us!

Lunch rituals

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By Nora In the beginning of the school year, I find it especially important for the children to get into routines at school. The first couple of days can be confusing and unsettling for some, and rituals are soothing once established. This week, at lunch circle, we have been learning about what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of … Read More