Thoughts about ‘Yes!’

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by Mage We all love it when ‘yes’ is one of a child’s first words, and used abundantly. Some children eventually switch from ‘yes’ to ‘no’ as the go-to word, and I’ve heard a lot of parents grieve about that when it happens. I know that I personally grieve a little bit when this happens, as well. Only recently did … Read More

Secret Admirer

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by Alisha Yesterday something unexpected happened! We got some mail that Amber brought in with our produce delivery! The children were SUPER excited to find out that there was a letter inside! The children made some guesses about who might be our Secret Admirer. Could it be AD, who moved to Guatemala? Could it be Nick,  one of our persona … Read More


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by Alisha   CLAY it is soft smooth cold sloshy, like mud hard and soft together squishy really squishy you can make holes pull flatten build roll by Tulip Tree Preschoolers  

Wind exploration

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We have had some windy days since fall. We watched how the trees wave from our windows; we thrown leaves and watch them fly down in the backyard. Laurie brought some ribbon rings to school and watching their movements has been one of our favorite activities.                 So, together, we started to notice … Read More

Exploring Anger

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by Alisha Anger is an extremely powerful emotion. It is a an explosive volcano, it is a smoldering coal, it is bright hot fire. Anger is an emotion that most adults do not like. Some of us try to avoid it which can bottle it up inside of us, turning to resentment. Some of us explode right away, saying or … Read More

Cooking for Others, Toddler Edition

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by Megan Last week we continued to follow our threads of learning about homes and food security with the toddlers, by baking sweets and cooking savory foods for the Sisters of the Road Cafe. Sisters of the Road is a cafe downtown that is open to anyone that provides a safe environment to eat a nourishing meal at a very … Read More

Vengan a Ver Mi Granja

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by Alisha Heidi has been teaching us this a song in Spanish for a few weeks. She even made us drawings to helps us learn the names of each animal! Chicken- /Gallina Little cow- Vaquita Baby pig- Cerdito Sheep- Oveja Little chicks- Pollitos    

Softly, Softly

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by Alisha For Heidi’s past couple of visits we have been learning a complicated music movement game.  First we get into a circle and pick one person to be the “weary traveler”. Then we softly jingle our bells and shakers into the middle while the traveler walks around the outside of the circle. Then when the song says “blowing” we … Read More

Spirals Everywhere

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by Katee Today I brought in a new book to share with the children about spirals in nature.  I often get compliments on my Fibonacci sequence earrings from the children and I’d also noticed some of the kids drawing spirals lately.   So I found a book that I was excited to explore with them that is about just that.  It … Read More

Putting the garden to bed

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By Nora As you may have noticed our garden has undergone some changes in the past few weeks in an effort to improve the health our soil for spring planting. For now, the garden is resting for the winter but there is still plenty of activity happening underneath the frost blanket! Here are some of the steps we have taken … Read More