The Gift of Song

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by katee Sometimes, on special occasion, I like to write songs with the children.  I’ve learned that the process has to be somewhat swift or it all falls apart and they don’t really have fun with it any longer.  I usually give the children a topic and we just throw out ideas, and knowledge, and feelings that swirl around that … Read More

Furry Friend Visitor

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by Katee We had a very special guest come to our classroom last week. It wasn’t anyone’s parent with a special talent this time- it was a puppy!  Alisha has a close friend with a sweet 3 month old Australian shepherd named Frankie, and asked if they could come for a visit sometime.  They came and sat at circle with … Read More

What do you love about the earth?

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By Nora LW: Outer space LD: Fire NC: That you can dig in the sand for treasure and swim in the water SH: Without the earth we would not be alive VH: Animals DB: That I get to sometimes have weekends with my mom or dad CL: It’s more like something I want to help the earth. There’s a part … Read More

Celebrating Cake!

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Today MH’s mom, Brigit, came to show us something very dear to her heart and family: cake decorating! She told us about all of her different piping bags that make frosting come out in different shapes. She also shared that in her family, they  like to make a cake to celebrate different things. Brigit made a big banana bread cake … Read More

Photo Booth Dress Up!

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by Alisha This morning we brought out a huge bin of dress up clothes for the children to explore. I was wishing we had a full length mirror until I remembered we have a photo booth on our laptop!! We set up a little table and showed the children how to take photos on a 3 second timer. We also … Read More

Tulip Tree at Design Week

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By Katee We received a very special invitation this week to participate in Portland Design Week 2018!  One of our amazing parents who works for a local design company is hosting a fun experiment that will be on display there.  The experiment asks a variety of peoples to design a shirt with some knowns and some variables that will be … Read More

Thoughts about ‘Yes!’

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by Mage We all love it when ‘yes’ is one of a child’s first words, and used abundantly. Some children eventually switch from ‘yes’ to ‘no’ as the go-to word, and I’ve heard a lot of parents grieve about that when it happens. I know that I personally grieve a little bit when this happens, as well. Only recently did … Read More

Secret Admirer

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by Alisha Yesterday something unexpected happened! We got some mail that Amber brought in with our produce delivery! The children were SUPER excited to find out that there was a letter inside! The children made some guesses about who might be our Secret Admirer. Could it be AD, who moved to Guatemala? Could it be Nick,  one of our persona … Read More