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Mapping Layers

By Laura

Today Alisha introduced another tool for creating and adding to the large map of the preschool and the construction site–the overhead projector. . .




I Spy A House

by Alisha

Today at circle we played a kind of map scavenger hunt. We sat in audience seating to all look at the maps that parents drew of their favorite places. Laura spied different things on the wall and had children point them out. We found trees, bridges, hearts, houses, water and one very tall building with lots of windows.DSC_0050After circle Laura had an appointment with some children to draw maps of their own favorite places, which we took pictures of during our home visits. DSC_0060 DSC_0061 Continue reading

Building a Place We Know

By Laura

Today I worked with a small group in the building area. All of the children in the group had gone on walks to the construction site earlier in the week. I proposed that we work together to build a map showing how to get from the preschool to the construction site. Here is some of what happened:

Visit to the Construction Site

By Laura

Today during Explore Time I took a small group to visit the construction site at Franklin High School. Many children visit this site on their way to school and knew a lot about the project. We noticed that one part looked like a giant sandbox. They guessed that the workers were laying down underground pipes for water. We watched rock moving on a conveyor belt that was sorting it into different piles. We watched a construction worker fix a loader that was grabbing huge tangles of wires and moving them into a large dumpster. I asked the children what they thought was going to be built in this spot. Answers included: “An apartment building.” “A new high school.” “A giant house.” “A hotel.” One of the ideas I am curious about exploring with the children this year, in connection with our work around bridging, is how people change a place and how a place, in turn, changes people. We will take many trips to this changing neighborhood landscape of deconstruction and construction for inspiration.







“This is a map.”

By Laura


This morning at circle we spent some time looking at and discussing the maps that parents made of their favorite childhood places. We noticed some similarities and common themes–many of the maps included trees, bridges, houses, bikes and routes. We talked about the maps as a whole group and I gave them a little partner time to talk about them. During explore time, staying in and making maps of their favorite places was one of the choices.



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