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Marble Painting

By Katee

Many children started their day today gathered around a fun painting provocation.  We dipped marbles in a variety of paint colors, dropped them in a box with a sheet of strong paper, closed it up, and shooooooooook!

The box was wide enough that it called the children to move their entire bodies as they shook it vigorously.  The children watching all shook their bodies along with the active painter singing, “Shake, shake, what’s it gonna make? Shake, shake, what’s it gonna make?!”. Continue reading

Painting with Consent

By Katee

We practiced asking for consent more today at circle, role playing different scenarios and asking for volunteers to act them out. We practiced asking for a hug, asking to participate in a game, and also saying “stop!” if a hug or a game doesn’t feel comfortable any longer.

To further this idea we had a small group appointment where we painted with consent from partners.  The participants did some finger painting, but shared one large piece of paper and had to ask their partner if it was okay with them as well.5-DSC_0050

GNF: “Can I put blue dots on the paper?”
EP: “yes!”

GNF waited patiently with eye contact waiting for consent from other partner…
NCC: “hmm….okay!”

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“No pants! No pants!”

by Mage

“No pants!” Lucy said, as she spread orange paint all over her body. “I want some more [paint]!”img_3021

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“The leaves are yellow by now…”

by Alisha

A few weeks ago at lunch time NCC turned to me and said, “The leaves are 05-dsc_0024turning  yellow by now…” I said, “Ooo, yes, fall is here!” but I was thinking, “Surely the leaves are not yellow yet?…” But sure enough as I drove home that day, I saw many yellow leaves in all the trees.  How could I have not noticed?!  I wondered if all the children were noticing these changes already like NCC? Here are some of the things we have done in the past couple of weeks to notice and study the beauty of fall.

We brought cameras available for children to use on a walk to take photos of signs of fall time. 1-2016-10-05Here some of their photographs-

Photographs by children on walks and in commons

Photographs by children on walks and in commons

We have also started collecting leaves on walks and in the commons to draw, paint pictures of, paint on and other explorations

Today Katie did a leaf rubbing exploration during explore time. They used oil pastels and watercolor01-2016-10-11 Continue reading

“But we aren’t really going to space, are we?”

by Alisha

After planning and designing rocket ships yesterday, the children were able to work on the large scale rockets (and one monster truck) today. Laura brought 4 giant cardboard boxes into the commons today and many children saw them early this morning. The planning, ideas and excitement were so real that multiple children had to ask, a little nervously, “We aren’t really going to space, are we?”

Assured at the fact that we were just pretending, some children got busy on painting the big boxes into rocket ships2016-03-30Later in the day many kids added their own designs in marker, took off to space, crushed things in the monster truck or just relaxed in the rockets2016-03-301 DSC_01202016-03-302