Nature Walks

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By Megan Now that the Elm House children are all a bit older and have more endurance, we will be taking small groups on walks around the neighborhood. Our intentions here are to notice the natural worlds wonders, gather natural materials to enhance our curriculum, to chart the growth of new gardens and to connect with the people in our … Read More

“We saw seeds.”

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by Mage This week we have been talking about pumpkins, making predictions about what will be inside, and then opening them up and inspecting them. Today we opened a second pumpkin in our backyard.   Mage: Do you remember when we opened the first pumpkin? What did we find inside that pumpkin? Isaac: We saw seeds. Mage: And what do … Read More

Blessing Song

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By Megan One new ritual we have started with the Elm children this school year is singing a blessing song. We start all meal times with this sweet song. It’s a way to say we are thankful for our food as well as a fun and effective way to transition the toddlers into meal times. Eating is such a joy … Read More

That plant is a baby?

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by Mage The nasturtium seeds have sprouted, and all of the toddlers are becoming very curious about our new plants! Recently, I have seen the children wanting to interact with the plants, as they bring toys over to the planter box, and reach down into the wire to touch the plants with their fingers. The other day, I saw Emil … Read More

“There’s a spiders under there”

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By Mage This morning in the yard the children were examining the worms and the slugs underneath the stumps. After we had exhumed all the creatures from under one of the stumps, Emil had a thought about the stump he was standing on.

Woom & DIIIT

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By Mage This transitional period between winter and spring has been a fascinating time to explore nature with the children. Recently when we went to the tennis courts and the rain began to pour down right after we arrived, worms came out of the surrounding muddy fields, and slithered onto the tennis courts. The children were very interested in the … Read More