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Spinning Paint

Last week we continued experimenting with painted movement.  A couple weeks prior we shook marbles, dipped in paint, in a box and looked at the painted trails on our papers that were inside.  This time we put our paper and paint inside a salad spinner!  We experimented with different colors, different amounts, different placements, and consistencies of tempura paint.

The process of spinning called for a lot of coordination that challenged our large and fine motor strength and determination.  We discovered that often times, the faster you could spin the paint-  the more dramatic effect the path of the paint made.

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And We Sing in Harmony

By Katee

AS said that “We all sing with the same voice if we keep up with each other”

KM said, “I think this song is about being friends.”

This morning I had a few children ask me if I went to the Women’s March this weekend.  In the past, I have tried to keep my political views generally out of the classroom, but this feels very different.  It feels different because of the intensity of the issues at hand for our nation and our world, but mostly it feels different because we are more than just a school.  Tulip Tree Preschool is a community and the elected President and current cabinet picks do not stand to uphold the core values we have laid out here.

So I told the children, “Yes.  I marched in the rain on Saturday.  I walked with 100,000 people, carrying a sign that said, ‘Love Still Lives Here’.”  And then I asked if anyone else had marched this weekend.  Every child at my lunch table raised their hands and children at every lunch table chimed in too.  I felt an amazing sense of love living here.  I felt an incredible sense of hope and strength in our community. Strength in support. Strength in willingness. Strength in numbers. Continue reading

Tiny Chair Concerts

By Katee

We would like to bring music to our classroom that presents a diversity of people, places, instruments, and sounds.  This week, inspired by NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concerts’, we are setting up ‘Tiny Chair Concerts’, where we display videos on a tiny chair with audience seating around it.


So far we listened and watched Lianne La Havas, Adele, and Christian Scott aTunde Adjudah.  Do you have a favorite NPR Tiny Desk Concert, or an artist that you recommend for us?

Who Were the Witches?

By Katee

I’ve introduced the children to a song over the past couple weeks about witches.  It is not a scary song, and no one has green skin or warts, traveling about on a broom.  The song is called, “The Witch Song” by Bonnie Lockheart, and it is a song about historical witches. Here is a clip of the children singing the chorus:

The verses go on to explain that, historically, witches were wise people who knew about using plants to heal, about giving birth, and were people that shared their wisdom to help others.  We have had a lot of discussion around witches because of this song and today talked more in depth about differentiating between a historical witch and a commercialized idea of a witch.  We have explained that witches were actually quite like doctors.  We also discussed examples of different plants we know that help our bodies- lavender being a present example in our classroom.

Today some friends sat together and we read “Strega Nona’s Magic Lessons” by Tomie dePaola.  These books portray a witch (or in Italian, a strega) in a way that is closer to a historical image.  While we read, we drew pictures of what a real witch might look like versus a witch that we might see in Halloween decorations.


ASY: “A big scary witch saying, ‘bleeeegh.’, and a witch that says, ‘I’m happy to help you.'”


The song also says in brevity that people were scared of their powers. We won’t be getting into any stories at school of exactly how this frightful image came to be, or the persecution of a group of people.  We have simply repeated the song lyrics that “some people were scared of the power they had, but power to help and to heal and to care isn’t something to fear, it’s a treasure to share.”

Outside we made magic potions to help our friends and the children have continued to sing the song the whole week long.  The children also shared about herbs and remedies they use at home when they have a problem with their body. Many children shared that they have band-aids to help them, SH said that she drinks tincture in her apple juice when she is sick, and CCJ said that her special stuffed animal is a witch because it always helps her feel better.

Do you use plants and special wise remedies at home to help your family?  Your children may be interested right now in having this wisdom passed down to them!

I see the moon

By Katee

We often record conversations and ideas that the children have for our own documentation.  We recently made them more aware of this process by asking them if we could record some of our singing during circle time.  The children wanted to record this sweet song and listen to it over and over.