Spinning Paint

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Last week we continued experimenting with painted movement.  A couple weeks prior we shook marbles, dipped in paint, in a box and looked at the painted trails on our papers that were inside.  This time we put our paper and paint inside a salad spinner!  We experimented with different colors, different amounts, different placements, and consistencies of tempura paint. The … Read More

And We Sing in Harmony

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By Katee AS said that “We all sing with the same voice if we keep up with each other” KM said, “I think this song is about being friends.” This morning I had a few children ask me if I went to the Women’s March this weekend.  In the past, I have tried to keep my political views generally out … Read More

Tiny Chair Concerts

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By Katee We would like to bring music to our classroom that presents a diversity of people, places, instruments, and sounds.  This week, inspired by NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concerts’, we are setting up ‘Tiny Chair Concerts’, where we display videos on a tiny chair with audience seating around it. So far we listened and watched Lianne La Havas, Adele, and … Read More

Who Were the Witches?

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By Katee I’ve introduced the children to a song over the past couple weeks about witches.  It is not a scary song, and no one has green skin or warts, traveling about on a broom.  The song is called, “The Witch Song” by Bonnie Lockheart, and it is a song about historical witches. Here is a clip of the children … Read More

I see the moon

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By Katee We often record conversations and ideas that the children have for our own documentation.  We recently made them more aware of this process by asking them if we could record some of our singing during circle time.  The children wanted to record this sweet song and listen to it over and over. Enjoy!    

Hey Bud

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By Laura Today Alisha read a book about the parts of the flowers. Then the children acted out the life cycle of a plant. Here they are, about to bloom, forming round buds on their stems.