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The numbers are in…

by Katee

Our community fundraising has been a huge success!  Today in circle we held hands and thanked each other for all of our hard work.  Every student had a hand in baking, sign making, flyer making, song writing and singing, being a salesperson, inviting family and friends, and helping to count our donations.  All of our hard work together has really paid off, and many families in our greater community will benefit from all of the very generous donations we have received. Today we added up all the diapers, all the wipes, all the dollar bills, checks, and coins and our final numbers are in!  All together we have… Continue reading

Diaper Bank Visits Tulip Tree

By Katee

We had two very special guests come to circle today from PDX Diaper Bank!  They brought lots of different diapers to look at and practice diapering dolls with and came prepared to answer any questions.  First they asked the children about what babies need, what a ‘diaper bank’ might be, and why diapering is so important.  Our guests were surprised to find that the children already knew about the needs of babies and diapers, and that we had already talked a lot about how the diaper bank helps the community!

Our guests told us further about non-profit organizations and that they started this company all on their own.  The children asked questions about different sizes of diapers, what cloth diapers are made out of, how someone could make a diaper, and where the diaper bank stores all the diapers they receive.  So they told to us about absorbent and waterproof fabrics, and disposable materials ending up in the landfill.  They also told us that diapers need lots of storage space while waiting to go to the families that need them, and that they are actually in need of more storage right now!

We ended our circle with them by singing them the song the children wrote about the Diaper Bank.  They were touched and excited to hear it and would like to put it on their website! (recording to come after we get a few more practices in)  We took a video recording of the circle and will be projecting on the wall of our classroom for the children who missed it today.

The Diaper Bank also left us a big donation box in our cubby room with a list of acceptable drop-box donations.  Come check it out- you cant miss it!

“I’m really sewing!”

Self portraits have been hanging on the walls for weeks, but these projects sat on the shelf temporarily to make room for all of the other whirlwinds of January and February.  Last week we were able to get the supplies back out and continue this study.  If your child hasn’t made one yet- they are on our list!  Here are a few more newly sewn – selves:



“My eyes are kinda green, kinda brown”


“My hair is long here and short over on this side. My lips are really red.”

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Sewing and Growing

By Katee

After an overwhelming spark of interest in sewing before our break, we have2-DSC_0479 been storming with ideas to bring more of this practice into the classroom.  Of course the children are excited to sew- it is a practical life skill that feels useful and empowering.  Especially at this green age when it often feels to them that they have little to offer in helping society, practical skills like sewing can be a big boost to their confidence.  After all- knowledge is power!

3-DSC_0493As an Early Childhood facilitator, I get very excited about the children’s interest in sewing.  This practice is not only useful, it is also nourishing to a growing brain and body.  Sewing requires a lot of concentration, and can be a wonderful mindfulness practice.  Crafting, especially knitting or sewing, has found to be a great form of mediation. The rhythmic over and under, over and under… can really get you in the flow and bring a sense of relaxation.

Sewing builds hand-eye coordination and fine motor control.  The needle is so thin, and the target is often so small.  The child must use their best 3-finger grasp, developing similar focus and coordination essential in manipulating a writing utensil.   Continue reading

Keeping the Magic

By Katee

1-dsc_0038Today Alisha told a story of magic and happiness at circle time. It’s a story that’s been told many times in many ways of a snow child.  In this version, two women who had always wanted a baby of their own were getting old and decided to build a child out of snow. The dressed it up and kissed it and went to bed.  During the night the snow person turned into a real child.  Alisha told the children around the circle to close their eyes.  All of the children shut their eyes tight and when they opened them, saw the little snow person had been replaced by a doll and was now a real little girl named ‘Frost’. They gasped and giggled and allowed the magic of the story to unfold in front of them.1-dsc_0035

I watched from behind the circle as the children played pretend along with Alisha.  They knew that Alisha was making the switch when their eyes were closed, but they wanted to be a part of it. The children wanted the story to be magical. This made me think about pretend play and the idea of reality being separate from imagination.

When a child takes a bite from a cake that its actually made of sand and their mouth is actually 3 inches away- they are aware that they are not really eating a cake and it’s not really their birthday.  Yet the children want to imagine it and get upset if someone takes their cake out of the oven prematurely.  When a child is making “choo-choo” noises while they are moving a train, they know that the train is not really making that sound.  Yet the children want to imagine that it is real. Continue reading