Sunset Stories

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By Laurie This Autumn we were noticing some of the storytelling our children were doing around rainbows, what color is, the nature of light (is it alive? what creates light and shadow? what is in me, and outside of me?) and where rainbows come from. I’ve been interested in keeping that spirit of inquiry going, and listening for what stories … Read More

Painting with Consent

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By Katee We practiced asking for consent more today at circle, role playing different scenarios and asking for volunteers to act them out. We practiced asking for a hug, asking to participate in a game, and also saying “stop!” if a hug or a game doesn’t feel comfortable any longer. To further this idea we had a small group appointment … Read More


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When we visit the creatures around us again and again, we come to know them as friends, to know their idiosyncrasies, their habits, their lives. And we see them, and their home, entwined with ours. We become intimate.


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by Sarah Lu Laura has been helping us all to remember the diversity that lies within our community here at Tulip Tree. Finding diversity inside of any community takes investigation, and a commitment to really seeing each other, hearing about each others’ worlds, and being open to difference. When we start talking about our community with children, we begin with … Read More

Adopt this baby!

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by Alisha From yesterday’s workshop blossomed what I think will be a huge part of the our school year: Telling and acting out stories. So many of the Thursday/Friday kids have shown a lot of interest in telling and acting out the stories. Here are some stories that were told during explore time and acted out later at lunch circle: … Read More