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The Gift of Flowers

By Katee

This morning a child ascended down the stairs with a bundle of fresh tulips and a huge proud smile across their face.  I was reminded again what an amazing feeling it is to present a beautiful gift, and how magnified that feeling must be for children. Flowers, so beautiful and yet fleeting, have been filling our world lately in this beautiful season.  To give someone flowers is to let them know you appreciate the present moments with them, even if tomorrow brings wilted petals. Children naturally love to give meaningful gifts, and are seemingly experts at reminding us to live in the present moment.  To be able to make this offering to our classroom gives our school so much more than beautiful centerpieces though- they are useful creative tools as well.

We let the children cut the ends, arrange them in a vase, and give them water.





We dry them and use them for loose parts play.

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Momma Midwives return!

By Katee

Back by popular demand- BS Mom and LD Mom came today to give another presentation about midwifery, doulas, and growing babies.  So many of the children who had the chance to be at school last Tuesday were buzzing about the experience and many of the children who were not there felt upset they had missed out.  So, these Mommas offered to come back one more time today to letmore of the children have this special experience.

We learned about the placenta, amniotic sac, and the umbilical cord.


We learned about how the baby is positioned inside of the uterus.


We looked at a Midwife’s bag of tools and weighed a baby doll with a special fish scale.6-DSC_0218

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Fall Celebration!

By Katee

We wrapped up the week (and the month) with a wonderful Fall Celebration today.  We welcomed everyone as we sang a few of our favorite fall songs and then explored with our families. Adults who were able to attend got to be a preschooler for an hour and get their hands into the things we’ve been working with lately.

Inside we used leaves from our commons to press prints into play-dough, paint with watercolors, made pumpkin cookies, and built an altar together to honor people we are connected to who have died.

Outside we busily made magic potions together, and painted and washed pumpkins.  The children were eager to share this experience and share some potions they have been inventing in our new ‘Book of Potions’.

Happy Fall Everyone!

Our New Instagram

By Katee

We take so many photos here at school.  Some photos you might find on the blog, some on our classroom walls, in our special handmade books, or even in your child’s web album as it develops.  I find that even after all this I still want to share more photos with you!  So, I’m happy to introduce our new Instagram account-

             tuliptreepreschool     Change profile photo

If you have an Instagram account, find this name and image and ‘follow’ us to keep up with some of the beautiful things happening here everyday.  If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, maybe this will be your reason to get one!

This is a public account so that we can connect with other schools and studios around the globe to help spread inspiration.  This also means that we won’t be posting images of your children’s sweet faces- we will save that for all the other media platforms we have.

To entice you further, here are some of the images we’ve already posted! :



Illuminating through color


After a resounding interest in our light projector, we continued our week exploring with light and color.  The children shuffled materials into patterns, piles, pictures, and stories on top of the projector, and watched the wall transform along with them.  They became a part of the story by standing by the wall and interacting with the shadows of light being projected.


Today we took the indoor studies to the outdoor classroom to extend our exploration.  We made cellophane eye masks to look at our world in a new way.

“Everything is pink!  It’s like a pink swimming pool.” – NC

“The light is coming in and everything is red!” – GF

When swinging our pieces of cellophane around outside, we also noticed the colors casting on the ground. So, with the sun as our light projector, we strung cellophane between the tree branches and played in the colorful earth below us.