The right to self-determination.

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by Mage While young children are in the process of developing their sense of autonomy, including aspects of identity such as race and gender(s), some of them will change their names. For some children, name changing is an experiment and a child might change their name every few weeks, or even every few hours… For other children, name changing is … Read More


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by Mage Lately I have noticed that some of the children a very interested in dresses. The children will regularly bring scarves to me and ask me to help them “make a dress,” which essentially means tying the scarf around their chests, with the knot either in front or back, or hanging loose from their necks. I thought that this … Read More

Pronoun check

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by Mage As the children at Elm House are getting older, many of the older  2 year-olds and younger three year-olds are talking and learning about gender. At Elm House, this most often comes up in the form of talking about color preference in a stereotypical way (“I want blue because I’m a boy”), or the children asking each other … Read More

Introducing Rose

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by Alisha This morning I introduced our new persona doll, Rose. Here I will show pieces of our conversations during circle- Alisha: I want to introduce you to someone. She’s a little nervous to be here, will you all be kind to her? [Kids say yes!] Rose is 5 years old. [The 5 year olds in our class all made the … Read More