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by Mage Lately I have noticed that some of the children a very interested in dresses. The children will regularly bring scarves to me and ask me to help them “make a dress,” which essentially means tying the scarf around their chests, with the knot either in front or back, or hanging loose from their necks. I thought that this … Read More

Pronoun check

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by Mage As the children at Elm House are getting older, many of the older  2 year-olds and younger three year-olds are talking and learning about gender. At Elm House, this most often comes up in the form of talking about color preference in a stereotypical way (“I want blue because I’m a boy”), or the children asking each other … Read More

Introducing Rose

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by Alisha This morning I introduced our new persona doll, Rose. Here I will show pieces of our conversations during circle- Alisha: I want to introduce you to someone. She’s a little nervous to be here, will you all be kind to her? [Kids say yes!] Rose is 5 years old. [The 5 year olds in our class all made the … Read More