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Painting with Consent

By Katee

We practiced asking for consent more today at circle, role playing different scenarios and asking for volunteers to act them out. We practiced asking for a hug, asking to participate in a game, and also saying “stop!” if a hug or a game doesn’t feel comfortable any longer.

To further this idea we had a small group appointment where we painted with consent from partners.  The participants did some finger painting, but shared one large piece of paper and had to ask their partner if it was okay with them as well.5-DSC_0050

GNF: “Can I put blue dots on the paper?”
EP: “yes!”

GNF waited patiently with eye contact waiting for consent from other partner…
NCC: “hmm….okay!”

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“Everything feels different today…

…because it’s sunny!” – KP

By Katee

And today was very different than the past few months have been.  The air is warm, the sun is out, and we are more than ready to embrace it!  We have been outside the whole day, except for lunch and rest time.  The children mobbed the cubby room this morning when we asked who’d like to play outside and while they were waiting on the patio to run free, told me it must be spring!

ER- “I see spring outside!”
Katee- “Where do you see it?”
Many children point in every direction.
Katee- “What does spring sound like?”
Unknown – “It sounds like windchimes!”
Katee – “Can you smell spring? What does spring smell like?”
Many- “FLOWERS!”
AS- “And sunshine, and honey, and love!”

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And We Sing in Harmony

By Katee

AS said that “We all sing with the same voice if we keep up with each other”

KM said, “I think this song is about being friends.”

This morning I had a few children ask me if I went to the Women’s March this weekend.  In the past, I have tried to keep my political views generally out of the classroom, but this feels very different.  It feels different because of the intensity of the issues at hand for our nation and our world, but mostly it feels different because we are more than just a school.  Tulip Tree Preschool is a community and the elected President and current cabinet picks do not stand to uphold the core values we have laid out here.

So I told the children, “Yes.  I marched in the rain on Saturday.  I walked with 100,000 people, carrying a sign that said, ‘Love Still Lives Here’.”  And then I asked if anyone else had marched this weekend.  Every child at my lunch table raised their hands and children at every lunch table chimed in too.  I felt an amazing sense of love living here.  I felt an incredible sense of hope and strength in our community. Strength in support. Strength in willingness. Strength in numbers. Continue reading

the kindness chain


by: Katee

To further our connections with taking care of each other at Tulip Tree Preschool, we started a kindness chain. The chain is made of little strips of paper, each one with a special act of kindness written on it. When one of the children witnesses an act of kindness and caring for another friend at school, they can tell a teacher to add it to our kindness chain.

OE fell down and his friends came to ask if he was alright and if he needed anything. OE said he could use an ice pack. SH jumped up and scurried inside to get an ice pack. OE sat up, and in a dramatic display , managed to muster up the strength to exclaim, “write that on the kindness chain!”


We decided that one color of paper was not enough for us, and we’ve decided to change the color every week and watch our kindness chain grow in length and color around our classroom ceiling. Come and see it hanging above our circle area.


Caring for Eachother

Caring for Ourselves,careforeachother

Caring for Each Other,

and Caring for our Environment.

These are the three main agreements of our classroom at Tulip Tree Preschool, and the reasoning behind any of our other agreements.  Last week we thought about how we can take care of our selves.  The children, along with Alisha, collaborated on a list and turned it into a wonderful book for our classroom. This week we will focus on the second agreement- taking care of each other.

What does taking care of each other look like in early childhood?  Maybe it is helping a friend feel better. Maybe it is making sure we keep our voices at a level that is kind to everyone’s ears. Or maybe it is the realization that we’ve hurt someone and figuring out what it means to make amends. For people developing out of the “parallel play” years into a more social way of being, this can be a very unfamiliar territory.

The children worked on a list today during circle time and some chose to explore the topic further during our “explore time”.  While Alisha narrated some common preschool scenarios, the children acted out the scenes. They discussed sharing and negotiating with our materials, helping a friend who is hurt, helping a friend to stand up, helping each other learn about self-care, and sticking up for each other.