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Where Will We Be?

by Katee

Alisha held a circle yesterday to talk to the children about the future.  So many different feelings come from looking toward the future.   The future can often feel scary and unsure because it is hard to imagine.  Change can often feel scary because it seems like your world is unstable in a way, and that you’ll have to brace yourself for enduring the impending shift.

So Alisha printed photos of all the children and taped them to blocks for support.  “Here we all are, on a Tuesday, at Tulip Tree Preschool.”, Alisha said.

Everyone’s family has different schedules in the summer time. Some friends will go to camp here or elsewhere, some friends might stay at home or with family or friends, some families might go on vacation.  Then , in the fall, school will start again and this will look different for different people.  Some friends will be back at Tulip Tree, some friends will move on to kindergarten or another schedule. 



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Once Upon a Time…

By Katee

We took a hiatus from storytelling, but we are back in full swing today!  The children tell a story to a teacher while the teacher dictates, and then when we go inside we gather in audience seating and call upon our friends to act out the stories with us.  Some children love this opportunity to express all different feelings, ideas, and silly happenings.


Once upon a time Voldemort was in the forbidden forest with Harry Potter.  They were dueling.  Voldemort said, “Avada Kadavra”. Harry said, “expeliarmus”.  But nothing happened.  Then harry went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and ate dinner with Ron. Then harry and Ron went to bed.  The next day Harry played a game of quidditch. Harry caught the snitch. The End.


Once upon a time there were 2 tigers and they were running after a gazelle and they caught it.  But then someone named Harry came and they fought and the tigers died. And harry whacked himself in the head and it fell off and he died. The End.

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And We Sing in Harmony

By Katee

AS said that “We all sing with the same voice if we keep up with each other”

KM said, “I think this song is about being friends.”

This morning I had a few children ask me if I went to the Women’s March this weekend.  In the past, I have tried to keep my political views generally out of the classroom, but this feels very different.  It feels different because of the intensity of the issues at hand for our nation and our world, but mostly it feels different because we are more than just a school.  Tulip Tree Preschool is a community and the elected President and current cabinet picks do not stand to uphold the core values we have laid out here.

So I told the children, “Yes.  I marched in the rain on Saturday.  I walked with 100,000 people, carrying a sign that said, ‘Love Still Lives Here’.”  And then I asked if anyone else had marched this weekend.  Every child at my lunch table raised their hands and children at every lunch table chimed in too.  I felt an amazing sense of love living here.  I felt an incredible sense of hope and strength in our community. Strength in support. Strength in willingness. Strength in numbers. Continue reading

Because I want to.

By Bee

Hello families! I hope all of you are well. Today I want to share a very simple sentiment that my friends reminded me of.

We were out on a walk in the strollers, pointing out anything and everything that caught our eye. Suddenly, Luca began to cry. “Luca, I hear you crying. Are you okay?” I inquired. The shade on the stroller was pulled down to protect the children from the mid morning sprinkle we were experiencing, so I couldn’t see the root cause of Luca’s distress. “Stop! Stop!” he wailed. I stopped the stroller and walked around to the front of it. “What’s happening?” I asked. “My hat. My hat is stuck in the wheel. I want my hat BEEEE!!!!!”, responded a very upset Luca. “I see it. It looks like you took your hat off and now it is caught in the wheel. You seem so frustrated. Let me help you get it out and then you can put it back on, okay? Leaving your hat on your head might protect it from getting stuck in the wheel.” We put the hat back on, and we set off once again.

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Caring for Eachother

Caring for Ourselves,careforeachother

Caring for Each Other,

and Caring for our Environment.

These are the three main agreements of our classroom at Tulip Tree Preschool, and the reasoning behind any of our other agreements.  Last week we thought about how we can take care of our selves.  The children, along with Alisha, collaborated on a list and turned it into a wonderful book for our classroom. This week we will focus on the second agreement- taking care of each other.

What does taking care of each other look like in early childhood?  Maybe it is helping a friend feel better. Maybe it is making sure we keep our voices at a level that is kind to everyone’s ears. Or maybe it is the realization that we’ve hurt someone and figuring out what it means to make amends. For people developing out of the “parallel play” years into a more social way of being, this can be a very unfamiliar territory.

The children worked on a list today during circle time and some chose to explore the topic further during our “explore time”.  While Alisha narrated some common preschool scenarios, the children acted out the scenes. They discussed sharing and negotiating with our materials, helping a friend who is hurt, helping a friend to stand up, helping each other learn about self-care, and sticking up for each other.