Stories to Tell by Flashlight

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by Katee This afternoon we had a power outage.  Luckily the pizza had already come out of the oven, and luckily we had flashlights and ceiling hooks, and luckily the kids really wanted to have a flashlight dance party anyways! We also took this opportunity to tell some spooky stories.  I had already introduced some of the children to a … Read More

Wondering: What is a Rainbow?

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By Laurie Before the beginning of the school year, I moved our kitchen prism to the west-facing window in the bathroom which catches such beautiful angles of light. This means that while diapering, washing hands and in our daily transitions, many children began observing rainbows dancing across the small bathroom walls, door and floor on days when the sun comes … Read More

Supporting Rough Play

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by Katee It is a topic that we address each year, and each year is so important to address. Rough play, horseplay, roughhousing – it’s something all little animals do as a part of their development and human children are no exception.  Children learn physical skills from this play including controlling muscle movements, they learn social and emotional skills including … Read More

The science of splash

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By Nora When I announced that there would be a science choice on the choice board yesterday afternoon, I had about 10 children jumping out of their skin excited to be a part of whatever “science” was. At this point I hadn’t said anything about what sort of science experiment we would we be partaking in, but the word “science” … Read More

“The Library is for everybody, right?” -SH

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By Amber Last week we began our exploration and discussion of disability. Some of the children had already been talking about some of these topics at home and were happy to share their knowledge with us! One afternoon CL and EP took me to their special hospital inside the elephant wall that builds wheelchairs and makes prosthetics for people who … Read More

Trusting the process

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By Nora At a recent staff meeting we read and discussed an essay by Loris Malaguzzi called “Your Image of the Child: Where Teaching Begins”. I have read this essay several times and every time have a new nugget to dissect by the end. The essay discusses the many ways that as teacher-researchers we can facilitate environments where children are … Read More

Tiny Realms

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by Katee When exploring the Remida center during our Tuesday field trip last week, many of the children had two favorite things they got to d0- ride the bus, and play with the ‘tiny realms’.  They had set out small divided scenes filled with tiny things for the children to play in.  There was a box filled with soil, sticks … Read More

Bake Sale Day

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By Nora At the end of every school year, the students take part in a culminating activism project that builds off of what they have passionate about throughout the year. As many of you know, one of the biggest themes that emerged this year has been babies. Holding them, changing them, feeding them, keeping them safe, what it means to be … Read More

“It’s like a whole little city in there!”

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By Katee This week we have been deconstructing a variety of electronics.  This started with an old keyboard we unearthed that has become a prized item in the classroom.  The keys had been pulled out and rearranged and the children wanted to further this process- deconstructing and reconstructing it to spell different names.  So we got another keyboard and set … Read More

A Robot of Our Own

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By Nora One of the aspects of teaching at Tulip Tree that I appreciate the most is following the children’s lead to develop further curriculum. One day during lunch after returning from winter break, SH asked me how our micro greens were doing. SH was remembering that we had planted these greens before winter break, and checked on them often, but … Read More