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Nature Walks

By Megan

Now that the Elm House children are all a bit older and have more endurance, we will be taking small groups on walks around the neighborhood. Our intentions here are to notice the natural worlds wonders, gather natural materials to enhance our curriculum, to chart the growth of new gardens and to connect with the people in our neighborhood. In the past stroller rides have been our primary way to explore, and we will still ride for longer adventures, but we see real value in the exercise that they will get in even walking a few blocks and the change in perspective.

We took our first walk today! Hope you enjoy these photos.

Do you have a favorite house in the neighborhood that has a great yard? Or do you know of a secret garden? Let us know the location in the comments section.


Naming the fish…And a note about voting

1-IMG_6443by Megan

Over this past weekend Sarah Lu and her family got us a fish for Elm House. The brilliantly blue colored Betta fish is living in a bowl in the Elm Room, sparking many questions and observations from the children. A quick  internet search about these fish explains their fascinating history and behaviors (did you know that Betta are labrynth fish? That is, they can breathe both oxygen from the air and from their gills? Which speaks to the evolution that came from their history of living in rice fields in Asia?! So cool!) But! Before we dive to deep (pun intended) into the details of our finned new friend, we think that they need a name.

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Excited About Art

By Megan

After a couple of months of our studio space being transformed into a play kitchen which was so much fun, by the way, it has once again been transformed into an area dedicated to art of many kinds. The shelves are filled with materials, tools and loose parts that all promote creation, exploration and fun. Coming back from winter vacation the children seemed reinvigorated and extra passionate about making art and I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering these activities with them.

Here are some images that I’ve gathered since coming back to school on January 3rd. With the bitterly cold weather we have been experiencing it’s been fun to shift our concentration more towards artwork done indoors during these dark winter afternoons. We are excited for the start of the new year and new art project work! The smiles and looks of concentration say it all!

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How are you feeling today?


By Megan

These past few weeks at Elm House we have been focusing on feelings. With our anxiety leading into election day,  the anticipation of the results, and the big feelings that us teachers all have felt since Donald Trump was elected-there’s emotionally just a lot going on. It’s nearly impossible to be anything but authentic with the children, as they are extremely emotionally intelligent people. So, we have been naming our feelings. We have talked about how to care for each other. We have furthered our discussions about consent. We have read all the I love you books that we can get our hands on. We have listened and cried.









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“No pants! No pants!”

by Mage

“No pants!” Lucy said, as she spread orange paint all over her body. “I want some more [paint]!”img_3021

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