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“I love my nose!”

by Alisha

This week we are completing our second drawing self portrait and our final self portrait for the school year. For our graduates, it will be their final self portrait at Tulip Tree. It has been amazing to see how fine motor skills, focus and self awareness have developed throughout the year and over two or three years. Here are the self portraits the children have done so far this week-

Parts of a Flower

by Alisha

With spring on its way, we wanted to start paying close attention to the signs of flowers in our commons. So far the crocus flowers have bloomed in the empty lot behind the elephant wall and the camellia and hellebore flowers have budded and are in bloom. This morning we read a book called “Parts of a Flower.” We discussed the roots, stem, petals, carpel, ovary, eggs and stamen. The book explains that bees and other insects help pollinate the flower, meaning they help  move pollen from the stamen to the carpel. We all used our bodies to pretend we were flowers in bloom.  A “bee” came along from flower to flower, passing pollen around from stamen to carpel.

We have been drawing details of flowers with ink pens using photos and live flowers for reference. As spring comes into bloom, we will continue bringing clipboards outside and flowers inside.

“My eyes are shaped like almonds.”

by Alisha

This morning we began working on drawing self portraits with black ink on white paper. This is a project that each child will do twice a year. Each child seemed to take on this project with joy and concentration. I wonder if our work with light, shadow and reflection will influence self portraits this year?

"My eyes are shaped like almonds and my eyebrows are shaped like rainbows!"

“My eyes are shaped like almonds and my eyebrows are shaped like rainbows!”

"My eyes are dark. My hair is getting long." -KP

“See those? That’s where the tears come out…” -KP

"My eyes are circles."

“My eyes are circles.”- NCC

"My nose is kind of like a pig!... I have teeth in my mouth."

“My nose is kind of like a pig!… I have teeth in my mouth.”

"I see my eyes..."

“I see my eyes…”

Snapshots from the Drawing Table

More self-portrait work today…

Looking Closely, Again

By Laura

It has become a tradition in our classroom to have the children draw a self-portrait with pen at the beginning of the school year and then again near the end of the year. Today Alisha worked with four graduates in the studio, inviting them to look closely at their faces and tackle this challenge one final time before kindergarten.


I have paired their drawings from September (on the left) to those from today (on the right). This can be a useful way to reflect on each child’s understanding of the language of drawing and how it has changed over time. What do you notice? What are the children working on now? Are there any stylistic elements that have changed over time? Stayed the same? How have the shapes and lines chosen to represent different parts of their faces changed since the beginning of the year?