Two Eyes, a Nose and a Mouth

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by Alisha We have been working on our drawing self portraits. This is a project we do twice each year. Once at the beginning of the year, and once at the end, along with many other portrait projects in between. We talk about the shape of our facial features and look closely to notice small details we may have not … Read More

“I love my nose!”

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by Alisha This week we are completing our second drawing self portrait and our final self portrait for the school year. For our graduates, it will be their final self portrait at Tulip Tree. It has been amazing to see how fine motor skills, focus and self awareness have developed throughout the year and over two or three years. Here are the self … Read More

Parts of a Flower

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by Alisha With spring on its way, we wanted to start paying close attention to the signs of flowers in our commons. So far the crocus flowers have bloomed in the empty lot behind the elephant wall and the camellia and hellebore flowers have budded and are in bloom. This morning we read a book called “Parts of a Flower.” We discussed the … Read More

“My eyes are shaped like almonds.”

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by Alisha This morning we began working on drawing self portraits with black ink on white paper. This is a project that each child will do twice a year. Each child seemed to take on this project with joy and concentration. I wonder if our work with light, shadow and reflection will influence self portraits this year?