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How to Build a Bridge

By Laura


Today the puppy classroom went on a field trip to the park. They tried to cross the river but discovered that part of the bridge had been washed away. Each puppy gathered a different material which they thought would work to make a bridge.


Yellow puppy tried to use two small sticks. The kids explained why this didn’t work:

“They’re wobbly.”

“And the bridge can’t reach the other side.”

“And they need two more.”

“They end too short.”


So, Orange tried a popsicle stick. There was some discussion of using this as surfboard to ride across the river. But when Orange tried to surf the current carried the puppy back to the same side of the river.

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Guess Who?

By Laura

Today DH, OR, EF, CG, CR, and VH worked on clay self-portraits. Can you guess who made which portrait?


Problem Solving with Rose

By Laura

Rose joined us at circle again today to tell us about something that happened at her preschool and to elicit some help and advice from our preschoolers. The following is a transcript of the circle time discussion. Even after only meeting her a couple times, it is clear that the children feel connected to Rose and can empathize with her feelings, recognize when something is unfair for and brainstorm a variety of ways to change the situation. Hopefully this low-stakes rehearsal with a the persona doll will help them stick up for their “real” friends and themselves in the face of unfairness in their own lives…


Alisha: Rose has a story about something that happened at school that she wants to share with you guys. To see if you have any advice for her, or her friends.

One day Rose was at school and it was morning free play time, just kind of like how we have here, before circle. They were inside. Just like we have before circle. There were two girls sitting at one of the tables and they were drawing with markers and pens. And Rose was like, ‘Oh, I would love to draw right now with markers and pens.’ And so she walked up and she was about to sit down and one of the girl’s, whose name was Beth, said, “You can’t sit here, this is a girl’s table. You’re a boy, so you can’t sit here.” And then she looked to her other friend, who was named Kate and she said, “He can’t sit here, right? ‘Cuz he’s a boy and this is a girl’s table.”

OR: But she’s actually a girl.

Alisha: Is there anything you notice about that story?

OR: It hurts her feelings!

WG: Yeah, because you know what? She’s not a boy, she’s a girl.

DH: Markers is for everybody.

KM: A boy, or a girl . . .

DH: Those girls aren’t very nice.

Alisha: They are still learning how to be friendly to everyone I think.

KM: So E, my sister, has a book, The Magic Bunny, the person, she has a friend named Beth.

Alisha: Oh, Beth. So you recognize that name? It’s not the same Beth, it’s a different Beth that goes to Rose’s preschool. SS, anything you noticed about the story?

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“My mom was so happy to see me.”

By Laura

Today we celebrated DH’s fifth birthday. We were joined by her parents, Abby and Mike, her sister VH and her nanny Amanda.


DH brought in two special stuffed animals to share. A rainbow unicorn named Uni and little turtle named Rosie. She told her friends, “I got this unicorn for my birthday celebration at Idaho.” The turtle was named Rosie because its shell was covered in roses and it had a little rose affixed to its turtle head. Abby guessed that one reason DH loves this little creatures so much is that they have big round eyes just like she does. Her (many) stuffed animals are an important part of her bedtime routine–Mike told us that she can always tell when any of her animals is missing from her bed and she must have them all there in order to fall asleep.


One of my favorite things about doing our birthday ritual each year is watching how the participation of the children in their own celebration changes over time. Often by the time they are five they are ready to tell the story of their birth. This was definitely the case for DH. Her story began, “When I was born I cried a lot.” And she continued, “My mom was so happy to see me.” She turned to her sister, “That was before VH was born. I was the first kid they had.” She smiled and paused. “Then, two years later, VH came out of the darkness.”

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Stories from Today

By Laura

We huddled together near the elephant wall while the rain poured all around us. Three children spun tales to keep our thoughts away from our numb fingers and cold noses . . .

Once upon a time there was a mama koala and a kitten and a baby mousy and a wolf. They sat in their big bed. Then there was a worm guy. And then there was a bat, a fruit bat. Then there was a dragon. And then there was flowers. Then they walked to the coffee shop. Then there was a stripey black cat. And then there was a Laura. Then there was Alisha. And then there was a heart. Then there was an Aanika. And then there was a cheetah. Then there was a tree. Then they saw a ghost. Then run. Then they hided. The dragon went home into its cave. They went into the same home with their grandma and grandpa. The end.                   -CW

Once upon a time there was a tiny turtle. She swimmed and swimmed and swimmed. The end.               -VG

Once upon a time there was four baby lemurs and one little baby turtle. And the baby turtle’s named Rose. The baby turtle went in the cave and she heard a big, loud groan that sounded like this [groaning noises]. Then the baby turtle knew where that sound was coming from and she followed the noise as it got louder and louder and louder. Until . . . she found another baby turtle! It was her friend. Her friend’s name was Flowers. And Rose saw that Flowers had two little chains on her back flippers. But Rose didn’t see any keys. And she thought about something. She figured out that when she was one years old she went into the same cave as Flowers and tripped over something she thought was a rock but it was actually a button. The button is what trapped Flowers. Rose really knew that there was two buttons and the other button that freed her was somewhere in the cave. And Rose found the button and pushed and it freed Flowers! When she pushed it Flowers got out and the Beast came in, chasing the little turtles away. Then the Beast stepped on the trap and got trapped. The end.                       -DH