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Momma Midwives return!

By Katee

Back by popular demand- BS Mom and LD Mom came today to give another presentation about midwifery, doulas, and growing babies.  So many of the children who had the chance to be at school last Tuesday were buzzing about the experience and many of the children who were not there felt upset they had missed out.  So, these Mommas offered to come back one more time today to letmore of the children have this special experience.

We learned about the placenta, amniotic sac, and the umbilical cord.


We learned about how the baby is positioned inside of the uterus.


We looked at a Midwife’s bag of tools and weighed a baby doll with a special fish scale.6-DSC_0218

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Momma Midwife

By: Katee


Last Tuesday we welcomed two very special guests to our morning circle.  Not only are these people parents in our Tulip Tree community, they are also a doula and a midwife, and they are also both expecting to give birth in a few weeks.  We are welcoming 3 new babies in our community this spring and there has been a lot of excitement around babies and pregnancy among the children.  Our special guests last week gave us special insight to how humans start, and grow, and the role of a midwife.

The children got to try a stethoscope, a fetoscope, and we even used a doppler to listen to different heartbeats including the growing infant’s!  We used our new baby dolls as models to measure a baby’s head and use a scale to weigh it.

We talked about being born in different places and how some babies are born at hospital, some at a birth center, and some at home.  Some babies are born on a bed, or in the water, and caught in someone’s hands. The children were all excited to chime in, “I was born at my house!”, “I was born at the hospital!”, “I was born at my house, and my sister was born at our old house.”


The children love to think about their own birth story.  The day that they were fought for and welcomed; their birthday!  We would like to start a wall of baby photos to support their enthusiasm.  So bring us your baby pictures (if you don’t mind a preschool smudge on them) of parents and students and we’ll bring in ours too.


Working with Scissors

by Monica

IMG_20160427_100136325 (1)In the Elm Room we spent some time working with scissors in the studio last Wednesday. Three children at a time sat at the table in the studio with me and used child sized scissors to cut up scrap paper.

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Developing Friendships

by Monica

Emil shows Ianto his baby

Emil shows Ianto his baby

Getting to know the Elm Room children over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed they are undergoing some important shifts in their socioemotional development! Established patterns of interaction like parallel play and imitation are still clearly visible as new, sophisticated ways of relating and playing together are taking shape.


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Message Center

By Laura

Digger returned to our circle today, this time to introduce our new message area. 
DSC_0018DSC_0030DH told Digger that her name starts with the same letter as his. This started a long discussion in which nearly every preschooler was excited to share some of the letters in their own name. After circle, working with the message center materials was one of the choices for explore time. Six children chose to stay in and make cards and messages.

LDB working on a card for Digger.

LDB working on a card for Digger.

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