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Is it summer yet?

by Katee

Played outside all morning today! The children played games, splashed in the water table, built in the sandbox, hung out in the hammock, rode bikes, visited with the rabbits, and drew many many tattoos on each other.  After reading the book, “Mama Is It Summer Yet?”, the children were pretty convinced that that’s where were at today.


The numbers are in…

by Katee

Our community fundraising has been a huge success!  Today in circle we held hands and thanked each other for all of our hard work.  Every student had a hand in baking, sign making, flyer making, song writing and singing, being a salesperson, inviting family and friends, and helping to count our donations.  All of our hard work together has really paid off, and many families in our greater community will benefit from all of the very generous donations we have received. Today we added up all the diapers, all the wipes, all the dollar bills, checks, and coins and our final numbers are in!  All together we have… Continue reading

Play in the clay

by Katee

Today we invited the children to explore with clay, straws, and beads.  When working with loose parts, a facilitator sometimes has what I call a “lower case plan”. You might have a small vision for how parts could work together, but are unattached from the results or products.  You want to give the children parts that can be successful in captivating their exploratory nature. In this case I knew that straws would be able to stand erect if pushed into the clay, and I chose beads with holes large enough to be threaded through straws.  I knew the pieces could interact, but I was unsure what would happen when the children dug their hands in. They pressed, poked, stabbed, bent, threaded, balanced, connected, wove, and spent a long time creating some really interesting shapes.

Cardboard and Bubble Wrap


by Alisha

Amber saw some big boxes and bubble wrap on her way to school this morning,  so she had some children go pick them up with her.  We continued playing with these materials all throughout morning. Ah the joy of versatile materials! There are many ways to use cardboard and bubble wrap including but not limited to….

Fort building

Graduate Costume Designs

by Alisha

Each year, during our graduation celebration, the graduating class puts on some type of performance. It gives the older children of the group a chance to work together on something special the last couple months of the school year.  This year we are doing a play. We have been busy planning for the past month and we will continue to work on the play weekly until our graduation in mid June. We have written the script, picked roles, practiced our lines and stage placement, tested different lighting. Our most recent work has been on designing costumes… Here are the costume designs of our 2017 graduates!

She would like an apron that is brown or pink.

She would like to be very fluffy

OE would like to paint his skin green and have brown cut off shorts.

ASY really wants a red hat!

This is FM set design of the bridge.

ER really wants this type of striped dress and hat.

LFC wants to be super fluffy

CW actually decided she wants grey instead of blue