Finding The Golden Ratio

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by Katee While at the art store gathering supplies this week, I spotted an amazing little connection to our classroom- a golden ratio finder!  Of course I had to get that for our classroom.  But then I wondered how exactly I was going to try to explain the Fibonacci Sequence in extreme brevity to young children.  The children had seen … Read More

Playing Dangerously

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by Katee I have been in bed much of this week, nursing a cold, reading, and maybe eating some Halloween candy.  I read an article that I wanted to share with everyone about risky play and ‘Adventure Playgrounds’.  The article by Hanna Rosin at The Atlantic is titled , The Overprotected Kid. Well the article is quite lengthy and I … Read More

WHAT can you DO with a paleta?

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by Alisha At circle this morning, Katee and I read a book called “What Can You Do With a Paleta?” by Carmen Tafolla. I read the English words and Katee read the same words in Spanish. The book is written from the perspective of a small child. She tells us all about the sounds, smells and colors of her neighborhood. The … Read More

Sunny Days in a Shady Place

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These past couple of weeks we have been enjoying the summer-like weather in the shade of our Tulip, Oak, Chestnut and Apple trees. Thank you trees for giving us a cool place to explore and play! We love you!  

Look Closely…

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by Alisha Around this time of the year, we love to study flowers. The past couple of weeks we have had small appointments for flower drawing. During these appointments we asked the children to look closely at the flowers in front of them. What  details can you find in the flower? We encourage them to spend time really looking. So far they have … Read More

“Everything feels different today…

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…because it’s sunny!” – KP By Katee And today was very different than the past few months have been.  The air is warm, the sun is out, and we are more than ready to embrace it!  We have been outside the whole day, except for lunch and rest time.  The children mobbed the cubby room this morning when we asked … Read More

Rain, Rain, Rain

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by Alisha We have had soooo much rain lately and also lotssss of energy. This combinations means that we have been spending a lot of time outside in the mud and rain. Some children prefer to stay dry behind the elephant wall, while others go straight for the rain and mud. 

Parts of a Flower

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by Alisha With spring on its way, we wanted to start paying close attention to the signs of flowers in our commons. So far the crocus flowers have bloomed in the empty lot behind the elephant wall and the camellia and hellebore flowers have budded and are in bloom. This morning we read a book called “Parts of a Flower.” We discussed the … Read More

Sunny Smiles

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By Katee Sunny February weather brings smiling children at play. What a great day for hanging with friends For fighting fires For playing baseball