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WHAT can you DO with a paleta?

by Alisha

At circle this morning, Katee and I read a book called “What Can You Do With a Paleta?” by Carmen Tafolla. I read the English words and Katee read the same words in Spanish. The book is written from the perspective of a small child. She tells us all about the sounds, smells and colors of her neighborhood. The most exciting thing of all is the sound of the tinkly bell coming from the Paleta wagon. She explains the different colors and flavors of paletas and the asks, “WHAT can you DO with a paleta?”  It turns out there are many things you can do with a paleta including giving yourself a blue mustache. This book inspired the children to make their own pretend paleta wagon complete with a bell and paper paletas. ..

Sunny Days in a Shady Place

These past couple of weeks we have been enjoying the summer-like weather in the shade of our Tulip, Oak, Chestnut and Apple trees. Thank you trees for giving us a cool place to explore and play! We love you!


Family Huddle

by Alisha

“This is our family!”

Look Closely…

by Alisha

Around this time of the year, we love to study flowers. The past couple of weeks we have had small appointments for flower drawing. During these appointments we asked the children to look closely at the flowers in front of them. What  details can you find in the flower? We encourage them to spend time really looking. So far they have used mostly pen and paper to represent the lines and the shapes that they see.

We have looked closely inside the classroom at flowers that families or teachers brought to school-

We have looked closely outside at flowers growing in our commons-

Here are some of the beautiful details that the children have noticed and represented on paper so far (click to enlarge)…

Our next step is to look closely at the color of flowers. I wonder what new details we will find?

“Everything feels different today…

…because it’s sunny!” – KP

By Katee

And today was very different than the past few months have been.  The air is warm, the sun is out, and we are more than ready to embrace it!  We have been outside the whole day, except for lunch and rest time.  The children mobbed the cubby room this morning when we asked who’d like to play outside and while they were waiting on the patio to run free, told me it must be spring!

ER- “I see spring outside!”
Katee- “Where do you see it?”
Many children point in every direction.
Katee- “What does spring sound like?”
Unknown – “It sounds like windchimes!”
Katee – “Can you smell spring? What does spring smell like?”
Many- “FLOWERS!”
AS- “And sunshine, and honey, and love!”

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