Where Will We Be?

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by Katee Alisha held a circle yesterday to talk to the children about the future.  So many different feelings come from looking toward the future.   The future can often feel scary and unsure because it is hard to imagine.  Change can often feel scary because it seems like your world is unstable in a way, and that you’ll have to … Read More

The numbers are in…

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by Katee Our community fundraising has been a huge success!  Today in circle we held hands and thanked each other for all of our hard work.  Every student had a hand in baking, sign making, flyer making, song writing and singing, being a salesperson, inviting family and friends, and helping to count our donations.  All of our hard work together … Read More

April Birthdays!

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Yesterday we celebrated VH’s 4th birthday, her second birthday at Tulip Tree. VH has been a part of Tulip Tree birthday celebrations since she was a baby at her big sister’s birthday celebrations! Yesterday her newborn baby sister got to join her at her birthday circle! VH showed us her bunny, Vanilla, who actually smells like vanilla. We heard that … Read More

Momma Midwife

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By: Katee Last Tuesday we welcomed two very special guests to our morning circle.  Not only are these people parents in our Tulip Tree community, they are also a doula and a midwife, and they are also both expecting to give birth in a few weeks.  We are welcoming 3 new babies in our community this spring and there has … Read More

Cultural Conversation Emerging from the Clay

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By Katee Clay is cold and firm and slick. Clay can be manipulated with great force or with delicate detail. Clay is one of the Earth’s primal elements.  When children can explore with clay, they have the opportunity to messy themselves in a grounding sensory experience. A few of us got our hands in the clay this week during an … Read More

Halloween and Samhain

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By Katee Many children came to school today robed in garments resembling favorite animals and characters.  We also brought out extra dress-up clothes for anyone to use to celebrate with. There has been much talk of parties, trick-or-treating, buckets filled with candy, goblins, candy fairies and long awaited costumes. We talked about the holiday of Halloween and also discussed where … Read More

Fall Celebration!

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By Katee We wrapped up the week (and the month) with a wonderful Fall Celebration today.  We welcomed everyone as we sang a few of our favorite fall songs and then explored with our families. Adults who were able to attend got to be a preschooler for an hour and get their hands into the things we’ve been working with … Read More

October Birthdays

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by Alisha Today we celebrated our second and last birthday for the month of October. KM’s parents, Peter and Melissa, joined us for the celebration. KM arrived at Tulip Tree when she was just two years old. We have now spent 3 birthdays with her! KM’s parents told us that she was born in the middle of the night at … Read More

August/September Birthdays!

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by Alisha So far this year we have already celebrated 3 birthdays! One child turned 3, one child turned 4 and one child turned 5! LD’s 3rd birthday was on September 2nd. We were joined by his mom, Kendelle and his dad, Mikey. LD brought his special dinosaur mask and it was very impressive. It looked very real. Kendelle told … Read More

Tallest Turns 5!

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This morning we headed to Mount Tabor Park to play, explore and celebrate AW 5th Birthday! Megan, AW’s mom joined us for the whole morning. We rode the bus and then had a long and beautiful walk to the playground.       We played and played on the playground until it was time for AW’s birthday. All of these … Read More