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The numbers are in…

by Katee

Our community fundraising has been a huge success!  Today in circle we held hands and thanked each other for all of our hard work.  Every student had a hand in baking, sign making, flyer making, song writing and singing, being a salesperson, inviting family and friends, and helping to count our donations.  All of our hard work together has really paid off, and many families in our greater community will benefit from all of the very generous donations we have received. Today we added up all the diapers, all the wipes, all the dollar bills, checks, and coins and our final numbers are in!  All together we have… Continue reading

April Birthdays!

Yesterday we celebrated VH’s 4th birthday, her second birthday at Tulip Tree. VH has been a part of Tulip Tree birthday celebrations since she was a baby at her big sister’s birthday celebrations! Yesterday her newborn baby sister got to join her at her birthday circle! VH showed us her bunny, Vanilla, who actually smells like vanilla. We heard that when VH was inside her mom, she was kicking really hard and that is how they knew they were about to have her. She came out pretty quickly after that! We are so lucky to have VH and her sweet family in our community for so many years. Wouldn’t be the same without you all! Happy 4th Birthday VH, we love you!

Today we celebrated OB’s birthday. His whole family came for his birthday celebration. Everyone knows that OB LOVES polar bears so we were excited when he showed us his polar bear stuffy, Snowflake. Amber, OB’s mom told us a funny story about when OB was a baby. They didn’t have a door on their stairs so his mom put a piano bench in front of it so baby OB wouldn’t try to climb up the steps. OB saw this as a challenge and figured out how to get under the babier. Once he reached the other side, he smiled the biggest smile, and didn’t even try to climb up the steps! OB is still such a self motivated learner. He’s always challenging himself. We love OB and will miss him next year! Happy 5th Birthday OB! We love you!

Momma Midwife

By: Katee


Last Tuesday we welcomed two very special guests to our morning circle.  Not only are these people parents in our Tulip Tree community, they are also a doula and a midwife, and they are also both expecting to give birth in a few weeks.  We are welcoming 3 new babies in our community this spring and there has been a lot of excitement around babies and pregnancy among the children.  Our special guests last week gave us special insight to how humans start, and grow, and the role of a midwife.

The children got to try a stethoscope, a fetoscope, and we even used a doppler to listen to different heartbeats including the growing infant’s!  We used our new baby dolls as models to measure a baby’s head and use a scale to weigh it.

We talked about being born in different places and how some babies are born at hospital, some at a birth center, and some at home.  Some babies are born on a bed, or in the water, and caught in someone’s hands. The children were all excited to chime in, “I was born at my house!”, “I was born at the hospital!”, “I was born at my house, and my sister was born at our old house.”


The children love to think about their own birth story.  The day that they were fought for and welcomed; their birthday!  We would like to start a wall of baby photos to support their enthusiasm.  So bring us your baby pictures (if you don’t mind a preschool smudge on them) of parents and students and we’ll bring in ours too.


Cultural Conversation Emerging from the Clay

By Katee

2-dsc_0047Clay is cold and firm and slick. Clay can be manipulated with great force or with delicate detail. Clay is one of the Earth’s primal elements.  When children can explore with clay, they have the opportunity to messy themselves in a grounding sensory experience. A few of us got our hands in the clay this week during an appointment time, and we will be working more with clay in the coming weeks.

6-dsc_0055This week we looked at model of a skull and used just our hands to try to manipulate our clay into this shape.  Most of the children are much more familiar with play-dough and this was tougher than they initially expected.  Most of the children are also more used to doing representational artwork in a 2-D sense, and translating a 3-dimensional object on the table to the the ball of clay in front of them was a bit baffling at first.  3-dsc_0058

The day we were working in the clay also happened to be Dia de Los Muertos.  While sitting around the table, we talked about bodies, about lifetimes and death, about celebrating ancestors, and I told them about this special holiday in Mexico.  They wanted to hear more about it and wanted to listen to ‘Day of the Dead music’.  Not knowing what music of Mexico might actually be appropriate for this holiday, I instead put on footage from a Dia de Los Muertos parade in Mexico City.  They loved seeing the costumes, decorations, and floats, but they were baffled by the foreign language they were hearing. Continue reading

Halloween and Samhain

By Katee09-dsc_0025

Many children came to school today robed in garments resembling favorite animals and characters.  We also brought out extra dress-up clothes for anyone to use to celebrate with. There has been much talk of parties, trick-or-treating, buckets filled with candy, goblins, candy fairies and long awaited costumes.


We talked about the holiday of Halloween and also discussed where Halloween came from.  Samhain (pronounced sah-win) is an ancient Pagan Gaelic festival that marked the end of the harvest season and beginning of the dark times.  This was a time that they believed that spirits could easily cross into the living world.  To welcome their deceased loved ones they would light gourds as lanterns, provide food offerings on their doorsteps. Some would also wear costumes and go to neighbor’s doors reciting verses in exchange for food.  Sound familiar? Continue reading